Proptech Carpool – Why Invest in Hunters Hill? ft. Tracey Dixon

September 16, 2019
If Hunters Hill’s been on your mind recently, check out this clip where Tracey Dixon from McGrath Real Estate talks more about why it’s such a great place to invest in.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Tracey Dixon, thanks for joining PropTech Carpool
with Soho - That's my pleasure Trent, thank you asking me.
Yeah, it’s great for you to be in the series. - Yeah
Let's say Hunters Hill, there are obviously, a lot of investors wanting to come in the Hunters Hill.
What's the what's the big attraction to wanting to live here?
It's a bit of a destination around here. It's a gorgeous suburb.
It's quite old. There's a lot of beautiful original French homes built by French settlers,
from sandstone, locally.
So you can see they’re all around us and it's a garden suburb.
So it's really leafy and beautiful. And the gardens
are big and they have a garden show every year where we can go through
some of the homes to check out the garden.
So, the peninsula part of Hunters Hill which we’re driving around now is really attractive to families,
especially with, you know, children.
It's got a good proximity to North Shore schools
and people tend to come from the Inner West from those, sort of, smaller blocks
of land to something a little bit bigger and the community here is amazing.
So it's almost like a small country town in the city.
Yeah feels very home-y, doesn't it, driving around, I must admit. - There’s a lot that goes on here,
but, you know, in terms of there are some
really interesting local owners
and good spattering of everyone from politicians to
professionals; doctors, lawyers, all that kind of stuff,
but there's some big business people as well and a few,
you know, movie stars and stuff like that.
So it's kind of, they like it because it's sort of private and quiet, and very beautiful,
but you're really, you can see the Harbour Bridge in the background,
we're really close to the city as well.
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