Proptech Carpool – What’s the Big Attraction to Wentworth Point? ft. Ania Aquino

September 13, 2019
Ania Aquino from McGrath Real Estate talks about why Wentworth Point such a great place to live on today’s Soho Proptech Carpool!

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Wentworth Point, your Marketplace,
I guess, what's the big attraction to Wentworth Point?
Why do so many people want to live here?
Of course, of course.
So sort of similar to the community that we’re driving around today.
It's on the peninsula of the Parramatta River.
So it's kind of an upcoming vertical community.
So you've got a lot of apartments, low-maintenance lifestyle,
perfect for any young professionals that just want to lock up and leave
or even the down sizes that, you know,
want to kind of enjoy that next phase in life
and travel but have the security
of a well-maintained, good complex with wonderful facilities.
So I know a lot of people often say they feel like
they're on holiday when they're living in anywhere in these peninsulas.
Yeah, no, it definitely feels like that.
And I guess demographics.
What type of people move to this area?
Is it young working professionals? Young families? How’s the mix?
Yeah. It's actually a very good mix of both.
So I know that Wentworth Point in particular,
there's a lot of sort of mid-30 year olds.
I think was the, sort of, main demographic that came up there.
Working professionals.
It's very close to the city.
In fact, I live in Wentworth Point and on a Friday night
I’m in the city in about less than 30 minutes on the ferry.
Wow, that’s pretty quick.
So it's very good. You can catch the ferry from Olympic Park
and then you're straight out at Barangaroo.
Yeah, gotcha.
So you've got that
and then you've got the upper-end of the market
where because you're on the peninsula,
you've got these waterfront apartments, you know,
many people, I think, when they reach that next phase in life,
they say the dream is to still somehow get a water view.
But not not leave Sydney.
Yeah sure.
So you are able to, you know, secure yourself
some apartments there in the area for about a million.
It's pretty good. Yeah. I mean, I guess
when you compare it to something in the Eastern suburbs,
you know, a studio in the Eastern suburbs
No parking
50 square meters.
So I guess, is it a little bit more bang for your buck out in this area?
A hundred percent, especially if lifestyle’s important, you know,
and I guess that that mix.
As I said, you're not too far from the city
so you do have the ease and access of good transport links
being in the inner West.
Then you've got all the facilities
and I think with the Eastern suburbs as you said,
you know, beautiful apartments, they’re a lot of character,
but sometimes no parking.
Yeah. Sure.
Sometimes you pay levies and that's inevitable in life.
But in the area here: Breakfast Point, Wentworth Point,
you've got tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms.
All of that included. Yeah.
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