Proptech Carpool – Wentworth Point Market Wrap ft. Ania Aquino

August 2, 2019

Had the pleasure to have Ania Aquino from McGrath on the SohoCarpool series. Ania breaks down the Wentworth Point market, its surrounding areas and what’s to come.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Ania from McGrath, thanks for joining the Carpool Series with Soho.
Thanks for picking me up Trent.
Yeah. Heaps happening your marketplace
I guess post-election, last 30 days, bit of a market wrap.
What have you seen?
Yeah, I actually think it's getting very exciting.
We had a great month selling all of the properties that we had
on the market either at auction or before auction.
So definitely a scarcity in stock at the moment
which actually helps any future sellers out there
because with anything, as we know, Sydney is getting you know,
a fair few vertical communities popping up.
So the scarcity in the type of product is always important.
Let's say I'm a seller looking at coming to market.
Now Spring’s just about to start, I guess,
why would I bring my property to market now?
What are the opportunities or advantages for  sellers?
Fantastic. Firstly we’re here.
Every other agent’s probably on holiday
and going to tell you to just wait till Spring.
So I'd probably say, you know,
really look at the stats and look at, kind of, what's on the market.
If you've got a good quality home
there is a scarcity in good quality homes right now.
Buyers will buy whenever.
For the buyers, it's really just all about
if the right property’s there for them.
If at all stacks up, then they'll make the move.
So I think you know, you've really got to,
kind of look at the stats behind it.
Everyone's thinking we're going to go in Spring.
Be a little bit different.
Gotcha. Okay, and let's say I'm a buyer.
I mean, I guess, are you seeing more buyers come through
your open homes in the last kind of four weeks?
Is the buyer pool kind of growing
and that's why it's a good time to kind of sell for a potential vendor?
Yeah. Yup. So I know that, with say, the entry-level,
end of the market first home buyers,
they're getting pretty excited.
There's a lot of measures coming in there that are
helping them get back in.
On the upper end of the market, I believe that you know,
you are always going to have people transacting at that level.
So if you're a buyer I'd say, again,
like I've seen it time and time again over the last, you know, few weeks
people are coming up with pre-auction offers.
Really wanting to secure that home rather than sit around
and wait only to then probably just emotionally miss out
when everyone else is getting into gear.
Yeah. So I guess as a buyer at the moment,
is it a good time to buy or do they wait for Spring?
Or is it, if they just see something that they love
just put your best foot forward?
What's your advice?
Yeah, I always say it's always
the best time to buy if the property’s right for you.
You know? So I find that buyers often, you know,
they walk into a home and they say “I love it.
But I think there might be more in Spring.”
There's always the ‘what if’
so I kind of like to eliminate that.
If it's right for you, the market is starting to gear in your favor.
And if anything if more buyers are looking in the next few months
that's going to mean more competition.
More competition’s going to mean that
whatever that price guide is that has first attracted.
You may not get it for that.
So buyers always probably want to get the good end of the deal.
I think now's a good time to sort of,
you know, get that happening.
Ania, you sell a lot of real estate during the year.
Any noticeable sales that you've done recently
or any new current listings that you wanted to chat about?
Yeah, yeah definitely.
So we literally just kicked a really great goal.
For any soccer fans out there, Western Sydney Wanderer’s  Iacopo La Rocca.
So he then moved over to Sydney to play soccer
for The Wanderers and actually made Wentworth Point his base.
Given again as I keep saying,
the proximity to a lot of the lifestyle facilities,
but also the sporting grounds in Olympic Park, that was his pocket.
We've just recently sold his investment property there at auction.
That one sold for $701,000 with a waterview, Trent.
Yeah, with a water view. So that's the type of, I suppose,
you know, you're saying what type of market it is and the opportunity.
I think that's a very, very accessible price point
for a lot of young people that are trying to get into the area.
And any current listings that you have?
So if water views, again, is the thing
and wanting to live in a very low maintenance type of community.
I've got a two-bedroom waterfront apartment
that is actually going to auction in the next few days.
That one is an absolute waterview, facing the water in Wentworth Point.
It's going to auction on the 3rd of August, Trent.
So better get wrapping.
Not too far away. I’ll have to try and get this video done in time.
Quickly edit this video.
I just want to touch on auctions.
Is that something that you're advising your vendors
to do at the moment? Like go to auction now
or do you prefer them to go to private treaty
or is it kind of case by case?
How do you can see that?
Yeah, I think if any vendor takes the emotion out of an auction
meaning sometimes some vendors at first,
their reason for not auctioning is more personal thing,
you know, if they actually look at the strategy behind auction and for sale.
Auction is definitely the best way forward.
It gives buyers a deadline. It gives owners a clear indication of
what's going on in the Market at that point in time.
And we found that it actually ensures that the property is in front of the
right buyers within that 30-day time period.
So without a doubt, I think auction is
the strategy to go.
Awesome. And I guess contact details.
How do I get in contact with you if I'm a buyer or a seller?
What's the best way?
The best way is actually just on Facebook.
Really passionate about social media.
So Facebook or Instagram. It's really simple.
That's my surname.
On Facebook and Instagram and I'm on there.
Otherwise, you can just give me a call.
Do I do the big call thing?
Yeah, go for it.
Just give me a call.
It’s 0433 123 569
Ania, thanks for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
Thank you very much Trent.
Off to Maccas.
Yes. Let’s do it, drive-through Maccas.
You got to know this oval very well.
Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m getting headaches.
I'm getting dizzy.
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