Proptech Carpool – Top Interview Tips for Real Estate Agents ft. Sharon Bennie

April 9, 2019

Heading to your next job interview and want to get the inside running? Sharon Bennie from sharonbennie – Real Estate & Property Recruitment reveals her top interviewing tips for real estate agents.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

interviewing tips you interview so many people throughout the year and you know
obviously they then go on to you know get interviewed by the managing director
or whoever it is correct what are some I guess interviewing tips
to real estate ages that that you think would be beneficial for them good
question definitely prepare prepared know who you
meeting I really candidates that come with a pen and paper pre-prepared
questions that have done their research I think dress the part I think always
over dress rather than under dress you would know once you get into real estate
it's typically open collars not as many ties unless you're going out to meet a
vendor but I think definitely dress for the men suit and ties women light
makeup tidy hair it sounds obvious but you'd be surprised
how many people don't do that yeah the other big tip I've got for interviewing
is don't arrive too early five minutes early is right on time arrive to
reception introduce yourself so much of our industry is about people skills so
arrive at reception be friendly to the receptionist introduce yourself in a
clear voice if you're going through a recruiter it's much easier yeah they've
presented your CV it's more about getting to know that office or the
people you'll be working with but if not take a really clear CV with you yeah
obviously there's CV tips that come off the back of that and just be
yourself be really natural you know let your personality shine but definitely do
your research before going in the door just touching on CV tips do you have a couple. Lots always
outline. some of the best candidates have got the
worst CVS so outline your major achievements talk about why you feel
you're suited for a role so don't necessarily think there's much of a place for cover
letters anymore but different do a summary of why you're suited for a
particular role what would be my main tips.
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