Proptech Carpool – The Big Attraction to Botany for Investors ft. Marnie Senior

June 26, 2019
In this clip of Soho Proptech Carpool, Marnie Senior from McGrath Real Estate breaks down why Botany is such a popular place for Investors.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Marnie from McGrath
Thanks for joining Proptech Carpool with Soho - Thank you for having us.
Thank you for having me. - Yeah, it’s great for you to be on the show, I guess
there's a fair amount of interest in areas
like, I guess, Botany and surrounding areas for property investment.
What's the big attraction to Botany
and a couple of those areas? - I feel the south-east is becoming more popular.
It's a little community feel for Botany and it's extremely central.
So you're you're very close to the M5
and to South Dowling that takes you into the city and you're not on the flight path.
So Botany is this little hidden suburb
I feel, that’s got so much potential growth.
Yeah, do you see more, I guess, owner-occupiers in Botany
or it's more investors or it's a bit of a mix?
Botany is an area that's full of a lot of owner-occupiers.
There's a lot of elderly people living in Botany that have been there for the last 50 years. Moving into Botany though
is a mixture. There's a lot of people investing there because they see the growth.
I've just recently sold a property to a super fund.
So they're holding that long-term. So they see the growth of the area.
So there is a mixture of people but it's also an opportunity for young families to live
so close to the city, still 10 minutes from the beach and be able to afford a free-standing house.
Lets say I am a buyer, i’m looking at Botany some of the surrounding areas, what are the opportunities for me,
I guess now and maybe post-election that you would see? - Yeah first-time buyers
you can secure a one or two bedroom apartment up to sort of between $600-700,000
and the rental return there
if you're going to rent it out is generally around $600 a week.
So it's very safe, secure investment for a first-home buyer.
And for somebody that has to live in it,
you know, you really close to the city, again,
you're 10 minutes from the beach and it's a really nice community feel in that
area to live in as well.
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