Proptech Carpool -The Avnu Difference ft. Michael Coombs

September 4, 2019

LJ Hooker Avnu is a full-service agency using transformative technology to reshape the home-selling and -buying process. Founding agent Michael Coombs joins us on the Soho Carpool series to talk about the Avnu difference.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

I just want to chat a little bit more about AVNU.
Obviously relatively newcomers to come to the market.
We’re taking over.
Yeah, it's good. There's definitely been a lot of
interest and I guess a lot of talk about
what you guys do and I guess how you guys kind of differ to some of the other brands.
So how do you guys differ to any other major brands?
Look, probably the biggest thing is we’re just technology-based.
And the technology allows myself as an agent
to take away all that admin work.
So I've been able to increase my business by 30% by just taking
away the admin which is why I’m growing my team
and growing my listings and sales.
The other big thing is too, we do sort of targeted marketing.
So the technology allows us to go into database
and find the last 200 people that come to our open houses that have
been through the most open houses,
we can target people through timing or when they have a pattern when they're on the Internet.
It's just a lot of things that's making a big difference.
And probably the big thing, is for vendors,
is we got portals and everything. It's everything live.
I guess the real estate is like the taxi industry, that’s what all the models are.
They’re the old. Like it's just what the norm was.
And then we're like the Uber that’s come in now where
it's everything's transparent.
Everything's live. They've got everything, they can go on a portal 24/7
and see the activity that's happening.
They can see what we're doing on a day-to-day basis
so they can go in there on a 3 o'clock on a Wednesday
and look at everything that we've done in the last 4 hours on the property.
So there's just that transparency and 24-hour access.
And I guess with technology, things just become much more efficient.
So is that just your day now is not spent,
you know behind a computer.
It's kind of out meeting vendors
which I guess, is what you do but
Hundred percent.
That's it too.
And it just takes away those gaps between, if I'm in meetings
and a vendors waiting for an update
they’ve actually already got the update if I put it in the system.
To see things live so just takes away- and that's the stuff I don't like.
Yeah, right. Gotcha.
I like being out driving around looking at nice houses and getting deals done.
That's it.
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