Proptech Carpool – The Rise of Women In Real Estate ft. Sharon Bennie

February 12, 2019

There are more women in Australian real estate now than ever before. Women are also securing more management positions with some of the biggest brands around the country. Sharon Bennie chats about the rise of women in real estate.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

women in real estate I feel like at the moment there's more women in real estate
than there kind of has ever been you would probably see that before me that's
something that you're seeing in real estate at the moment? definitely what I love is more women in
management positions yeah that's also you know Leanne Pilkington yeah REI Kylie
Walsh is long time been in franchise and heading up DI Jones the most
influential people just came out by elite magazine yesterday and there was
21 movement women named out of 50 so almost equality yeah that's awesome so
it's nice to see more women at management what's really interesting
though is women are applying for the same roles as what men are but they look
for different things so in the advertisements they're looking at
collaborative wording I did an article a couple of weeks ago where I was speaking
about which roles women apply for and in the requirements for roles women will
generally rule themselves out if they don't meet two or three of that criteria
they typically won't apply whereas men are like Oh sounds like me, i just
apply anyway so it's interesting the way that the dynamics work even before a
woman gets her CV across to a employer a particular role yep do you
find that you place more women in so your property management roles than your
sales roles? so I mean I definitely seen more women starting to be in I guess the
sales roles we is typically a male-dominated I guess role but I don't
know how are you seeing those kind of two things
yeah good question women are typically drawn to the caretaker roles so that
does mean your property management There's been a rise of strata management
anything that's off the back of the development boom.
and of course you have been marketing support style roles sales is still a
tough one for women or are in family arrangement yeah sure and
not that it should be so there have been really prominent women in sales and a
lot of women coming through the ranks that are doing exceptionally well yeah
and you know certainly blitzing the market but I still find most women
coming into the market are in the supporting caretaker positions yep
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