Proptech Carpool – Invest in the Best locations using AI ft. Ben Kingsley

February 13, 2019

Imagine finding your dream home or investment property by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ben Kingsley, Founder and Managing Director at Empower Wealth is finding those locations for his clients before others do by using AI.

Check out what Ben has to say about machine learning and predictability in real estate investment.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

properties technology I mean we have touched on it before you guys are
starting to engage I guess in property technology different forms
of technology how do you guys kind of see the role of Technology and what are
you guys using it in your business at the moment it's a great question Trent
um we're big at the moment we're spending we'll probably spend a million
dollars on our innovation and technology this year so we've decided that the
world is going to change and so we obviously have other businesses like which is a research measuring demand and supply so
that's for a DIY type player we have you know two full-time researchers in our
business led by jeremy sheppard who is you know very very clever at identifying
capital growth locations we've got you know the platform now that our clients
can put all of their information onto we've just launched our money smarts
platform as well so we are big in terms of investing in that. we do
feel that you know with technology I you know I'm a big big believer that voice
is gonna be quite powerful in this space and personal assistance AI assistance
so forth but the machine learning the predictability around
finding new locations and the best areas to invest in is really driven by machine
learning and AI and and you know we're making that investment into that now so
we can still be I suppose ahead of the curve when it comes to finding
those locations before other people do and buying the right types of property
because you know our and we're not cheap you know
you know people invest in us it's a high-value transaction investing in
property in the first instance but in terms of the value you know we've got to
deliver that value sure so if a client is gonna pay us you know over ten
thousand dollars to find them a property or you know for an hour five thousand
dollars for a plan we've got to make sure that we can deliver on that and and
so a lot of that money is invested back into that research in
terms of how we look after those clients
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