Proptech Carpool – Mosman Market Wrap ft. Claudia Portale

September 9, 2019

Claudia Portale from McGrath on the series where she gives us her market wrap for Mosman and talks about what’s happening in the marketplace right now.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Claudia Portale from McGrath thanks for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
Oh, thanks Trent, I'm really excited to be here.
Yeah, great to have you in the car.
Heaps happening in your marketplace, Mosman.
I guess, you know, you're dealing with buyers and sellers all the time.
What have you seen in the last kind of 30 days?
What's a bit of a bit of market wrap for Mosman and surrounding areas?
Yes, look Trent. Certainly, we’ve seen significant shift in the market, in the last 30 days particularly.
I think there's just been, you know, six months of, you know,
quiet, low stock and people holding back
and just the last 30 days we've seen a significant amount of new stock come on the market
starting up for Spring. And it's great news
because while the stock levels are still quite low,
it means that the properties that are coming on the market
are selling at or above expectation and that's, you know,
we're still trying to get more to service the buyers
that have been holding back for six months.
Yeah, sure. Mosman’s such a beautiful area.
But I guess why is real estate in Mosman and, you know,
surrounding areas so attractive?
Why do so many people want to buy here?
Well, so I mean, obviously, it's a, you know, it's an affluent area.
Great quality schools. We've got, you know, designer shops and great food and restaurants,
but it's also an incredibly beautiful peninsula around here.
You know, we're right on the Harbour,
we're surrounded by beaches, beautiful parks,
you know, we've even got a zoo.
Yep, it’s not far away.
And I guess it's a lifestyle to live here
and, you know, property is very expensive around here.
But also you'll see that if you do invest around here
there's significant growth and your property of always increase in value.
So people will always be confident to invest here.
And contact details if I'm a buyer or seller and
I'm watching this and I want to get in contact with you.
What's the best way?
Just on my mobile or on, you know, on email
0435 770 050
or just on my email
[email protected]
or pop into the office.
Yeah. I mean, it's such a nice office. Definitely pop in if you're in the area.
Claudia, thank you very much for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
Thanks Trent, it’s been a pleasure.
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