Soho Property Chat – Why is Bartley a good area to invest ft. Dulcie

May 13, 2019

Find out how much has Bartley developed over the years. Is the government spending money to upgrade the Bartley estate? What are the investment opportunities there?

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

I think a lot of people know you in the Bartley area.
I think that's your area of specialization.
Bartley is actually an up-and-coming area.
Actually I wouldn't say up-and-coming, Bartley is already very popular with a lot of
buyers, investors, people that are looking to
buy for own stay, I think primarily because of the convenience, the schools. Maybe you can share with us,
why do you think Bartley is a good area to invest?
honestly when I first started out doing Bartley Residences,
back then I didn't have a car.
So I always thought that, Bartley is like wow,
it's like a you know,
it's like no man's land.
You know,
there is a MRT, thank God there is
a MRT so I'm able to actually exit out from the MRT and go to the condo straightaway,
but of course in terms of like amenities, where to eat,
I do explore the areas of the shop houses and all that but I think over the years,
Bartley has changed
so much,
it has transformed. The government has actually put in
thoughts to actually invest in the infrastructure.
So for example,
when Bartley Ridge came out
and Bartley Ridge got the keys, there was also residents who actually write in to the MPs,
you know to request them to maybe build a shelter at the side gate.
Maybe at the bus stop, next to the side gate to link up to the MRT,
so they are building right now.
So it wasn't there before? It wasn't there before and the people wrote in to the MP to request.
So that is actually part of the government infrastructure.
So I think the government's are thoughtful as well.
So even for Bartley Residence,
they already had the shelter built up all the way to the MRT.
So which I think that the government is actually spending effort
and also maybe resources in investing in Bartley area.
Which I think if you are residents over there,
you should really wait for at least five years to really see the real capital appreciation.
So right now of course,
Who are the buyers? Frankly speaking those buyers
they are looking for either one bedroom or three bedroom.
So of course,
we have two groups of buyers.
that for example I've shared with you, the first group will be they are buying
for own stay and maybe they are singles and they buy about like maybe a one bedroom,
that's all. And we also have like buyers who are like families, they buy often because of school. Now,
Maris Stella is very popular, very very popular.
So every now and then I have buyers who view and it's all because you know,
they have sons who need to enrol in Maris Stella.
So I think being in Singapore context when you buy property,
I guess if you buy next to the school, you are next to the MRT,
you don't go wrong, you never go wrong.
So it's a best bet investment. So next to MRT and next to popular schools.
Yes. There will always be demand for those properties. How about price point? Bartley when it first launched, I remember it was a $1,000 psf?
The first one that came up was Bartley Ridge correct? Bartley Residences
and I think that when they launched about $1,200 psf.
Yeah, correct and now how much can it be worth? Okay
for the highest record that I have did, so far is about nearing to $1,500 psf.
so they made $300 psf.
Yes, correct.
Of course,
if you need to calculate in their stamp duty
and then of course the profit varies a lot.
But that is still a very substantial gain if you bought into Bartley when it new launch.
Yeah, and probably if that is your first property.
So now Bartley I think, are there any available properties around, new launches around
the area. Ok, you know there is a recent en-bloc which is like Sun Rosier,
so Sun Rosier,
the residents have already moved out.
and of course there is a next new development,
but I can't reveal the name.
They have already the site plan all out already and it's going to be Freehold and next to
Bartley MRT. Wow,
so it's very attractive, I'm waiting for that actually honestly. Sounds interesting, I also want to find out more.
Because it is very rare to find Freehold, next to MRT, it is very very rare.
But of course you have to pay for the price of a Freehold, compared to a 99 years lease.

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