Perth Rental Market

September 19, 2023
perth rental market

Key takeaways:

  • Technology’s Role: Modern technology has become a cornerstone in the rental landscape, aiding both tenants and landlords in their property journey.
  • Economic and Policy Impact: Changes in policies, like the Residential Tenancies Act, and economic factors such as employment rates, directly correlate with rental demand and prices in Perth.
  • Empowerment through Knowledge: Both renters and landlords benefit from staying informed about market trends, rights, and available tools to navigate Perth’s evolving rental market efficiently.

In the dynamic landscape of Australian property markets, the Perth rental market stands out with its unique fluctuations and trends.

As we near the end of 2023, Perth’s rental arena offers a blend of challenges and opportunities for both tenants and landlords.

With changing rental prices, evolving vacancy rates, and the continuous play of supply and demand, understanding Perth becomes crucial.

Whether you’re a tenant eyeing your next home or an investor seeking the next profitable venture, getting a pulse on Perth’s rental climate can be a game-changer.

The Current State of Perth’s Rental Market

As 2023 unfolds, Perth’s rental market finds itself in a fascinating phase. A noticeable trend is the equilibrium between supply and demand.

According to REIWA, Perth rental listings have seen a subtle increase, hinting at a balanced market for the near future. The vacancy rate, which serves as a barometer for rental demand, has experienced a slight uptick but remains competitive, especially when compared to other Australian capital cities.

Suburbs such as Fremantle, Armadale, and Claremont have gained prominence with renters, showcasing a blend of lifestyle offerings and affordability.

“Median rent across Perth has witnessed a rise, potentially due to the influx of eastern states investors and the city’s ongoing appeal to overseas migrants.”

An intriguing observation is the attraction Perth holds for east coast investors. While the city’s rental yields have been consistent, the promise of future growth and stability is undeniable.

Comparing Perth with Other Australian Markets

perth rental market compared with other australian market

In the grand scheme of Australia’s property narrative, Perth’s story is distinct. For instance, when juxtaposed with the Brisbane rental market, Perth exhibits more conservative growth.

Brisbane, with its booming infrastructure projects and population influx, has seen an accelerated pace of rent increases.

On the other hand, the Adelaide rental market echoes some similarities with Perth, particularly in terms of rental affordability and demand patterns. Yet, Adelaide’s market is marked by its resilience and lesser volatility.

The commonality across these cities, however, is the significant role played by investors. With the property market across Australia offering varied returns, understanding each city’s unique selling propositions and challenges becomes imperative for informed decision-making.

Complete your review of the capital cities with a look at the rental market in Brisbane as well as the Adelaide rental market.

Predictions and Trends for the Future

The trajectory of the Perth rental market suggests a promising future, albeit with its fair share of challenges.

Experts, including REIWA CEO Cath Hart, have indicated positive sentiments about Perth’s market stability. One can expect a further tightening of vacancy rates, especially with the city’s continuous charm for overseas migrants and inter-state relocators.

However, affordability might emerge as a concern, given the increasing median house prices. The rise in rental prices might make some suburbs inaccessible for the average renter, pushing them to explore newer regions within the city.

Also, the evolving Residential Tenancies Act could potentially influence landlord-tenant dynamics in the coming months.

Another anticipated trend is the surge in east coast investors making a beeline for Perth, looking to maximize their returns in a market that promises consistent growth.

With suburbs like Scarborough and Mandurah gaining traction, it’s evident that the rental landscape in Perth is gearing up for exciting times ahead.

The Role of Technology and Platforms in Shaping Perth’s Market

perth rental market role of technology

The digitization wave has notably impacted Perth’s rental market, transforming how renters, landlords, and investors navigate the property landscape.

Platforms like have emerged as crucial tools for both tenants looking for their ideal rental homes and landlords seeking potential renters.

These platforms aggregate a wealth of rental properties, offering users insights into amenities, price trends, and even neighbourhood demographics.

Moreover, the rise in property technologies has made processes more transparent. Potential renters can now view properties virtually, access reviews, and even finalize leases online.

For landlords and investors, data analytics provides insights into demand patterns, expected rental yields, and predictions on suburb growth. In this evolving scenario, making informed decisions becomes faster and more precise.

If you’re keen on diving even deeper into the Aussie property market, check out our extensive analysis on the rental market in Australia.

Should you find any discrepancies or feel there’s crucial information missing, please do not hesitate to inform us. We value accuracy and are always open to constructive feedback.

Tips for Renters and Landlords Navigating the Perth Rental Market

For renters:

  • Research is Key: Dive deep into platforms to understand market trends and compare rents across suburbs. Websites like offer comprehensive listings to aid your search.
  • Understand Your Rights: Stay updated with the changes in the Residential Tenancies Act to ensure a fair rental experience.

For landlords:

  • Dynamic Pricing: Keep a tab on the prevalent rental prices in your suburb. Adjusting prices in line with market rates can ensure continuous occupancy.
  • Engage with Technology: Utilize platforms to list your properties and leverage data analytics for insights.

Impact of Policy Changes and Economic Indicators on the Perth Rental Market

Over the past year, Perth’s rental market has seen significant influences from policy changes, notably the amendments in the Residential Tenancies Act.

This has reshaped the dynamics between tenants and landlords, ensuring a more balanced and fair system.

“Economic factors, such as employment rates and infrastructure developments in WA, directly influence the demand in the rental market.”

For instance, positive job growth can lead to an influx of residents, boosting demand for rental properties. Additionally, any potential interest rate rises can influence investment patterns, potentially impacting rental yields for landlords.

As the economic landscape in Perth and WA evolves, its direct correlation with the rental market becomes more evident.

FAQ Section about Perth Rental Market

1. What has driven the changes in Perth’s rental market in recent years?

Several factors have influenced Perth’s rental market, including policy changes like the amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, economic indicators like employment rates, and technological advancements in the real estate sector.

2. How has technology impacted the Perth rental market?

Technology has revolutionized the rental market by offering comprehensive property listings, insights, and tools that benefit both renters and landlords, making the renting process more efficient and transparent.

3. Are there specific suburbs in Perth that are more in demand for rentals?

 Yes, demand varies across suburbs based on amenities, connectivity, and other factors. Regular market research can provide insights into which suburbs are trending.

4. How do economic indicators, such as employment rates, influence the Perth rental market?

 Economic indicators directly influence the rental market. For example, positive job growth can boost rental demand as more people move to the area for employment.

5. How can landlords ensure their properties remain competitive in the Perth market?

Landlords can stay updated with current rental prices in their suburb, understand and adapt to policy changes, and leverage the latest technology tools and platforms to enhance visibility and reach.

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