Parramatta: Property Suburb Profile

November 9, 2021
City and State Sydney, New South Wales
Postcode 2150
Location 24km west of Sydney CBD
County Cumberland
Area 5.3km²
Population 24,798 (2016)

Parramatta is earmarked as Sydney’s 2nd “CBD” and the way the suburb has been developing in the last 10-15 years shows progress towards that goal. Parramatta is a highly multicultural and busy suburb, split between a residential and a commercial side by the Parramatta River, primarily because of the influx of corporations opening offices in the CBD area.

The suburb has a great food scene centred around Church Street and a small but growing nightlife scene. Parramatta is family friendly and well connected with the rest of Sydney with the exception of the beaches.

Median Property Price Average Weekly Rent Vacancy Rate Average Rental Yield Renters vs. Owners
AUD $672,057 $459 0.28% 3.53% 62%

The above is true as of March 2020 (Source: Soho App Parramatta Suburb Profile)

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Suburb Nuances
People in Parramatta
Housing in Parramatta
Transportation in Parramatta
Proximity to Sydney Hotspots
Health in Parramatta
Shopping in Parramatta
Secondary Education in Parramatta
Tertiary Education in Parramatta
Parking in Parramatta
Crime and Safety in Parramatta
Entertainment in Parramatta
Food in Parramatta
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Video Walkthrough

Suburb Nuances

Parramatta is separated largely into a “Suburb” side (North) and a “Central Business District (CBD)” side (South)  by the Parramatta River.

The “Suburb” side typically consists of low rise residential with some shops. Whilst the “CBD” side is typically high rise commercial or residential buildings.

Parramatta Suburb Map

(Source: Soho App Parramatta Suburb Profile)

People in Parramatta

In terms of residents, Parramatta is a highly multicultural suburb with the main demographics being South Asian (Indian), East Asian (Chinese, Korean), Phillipino and Middle Eastern (Lebanese). There’s a growing community of Anglo Saxon descent as well.

People are friendly and the majority are young professionals to middle aged individuals and young families (30 to 50 years old). Families and seniors anecdotally tend to frequent the areas around the Westfield shopping centre.

As Parramatta is home to offices for many large corporations in banking and professional services, many working class professionals also commute to Parramatta for work during the day and leave the suburb in the evening.

On Friday and Saturday night, young people gravitate towards Church Street as a eating and destination to hangout. Most of these people are residents of surrounding suburbs that find it too inconvenient to commute to the city for good food with family, friends or co-workers so they end up in Parramatta as a local destination with good vibes.

According to the 2016 census, there are 25,798 people living in Parramatta with a median age of 31.

Housing in Parramatta

15-20 years ago, Parramatta was an enclave of cheap housing for workers that primarily lived in the area but worked near the Sydney CBD. Now, as the Sydney City Council is bringing more of Sydney out west, housing prices have shot up.

In the last 5 years, higher density housing has been coming up and previous inhabitants are being pushed to other areas as their homes are being bought up or rent has inflated to an unsustainable level. New developments are rampant as apartments are springing up in the Parramatta CBD.

These new developments generally are not larger than 2 bedroom properties.

Parramatta CBD’s high rise residential property is mostly all new with the rest of the area being commercial property. Whilst Parramatta’s “Suburb side” housing is typically individual houses (townhouse, duplex, etc) divided into plots of land that are uniquely long and narrow.

For renters, there’s no shortage of places to rent around Parramatta. Newer properties are located on the river bank.

In terms of noise levels, the CBD side is quite loud due to a bustling Eat Street and frequent events happening at venues like the Parramatta Function Centre. Residents sensitive to noise levels should be wary of this before making a commitment.

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings tend to be when noise levels peak as nightlife activity is strongest.

Prospective residents and investors should also be aware that living in the Parramatta CBD area does come with a bit of air pollution from car exhaust and construction activity.

The “Suburb side” of Parramatta has very little noise or air pollution.

Parramatta area is also no under any major flight paths.

According to the 2016 census, there are 10,517 private dwellings in Parramatta.

Median Property Price Average Weekly Rent Vacancy Rate Average Rental Yield Renters vs. Owners
AUD $672,057 $459 0.28% 3.53% 62%

The above is true as of March 2020 (Source: Soho App Parramatta Suburb Profile)

Transportation in Parramatta

Parramatta is quite central to most major hotspots except the Sydney beaches. Being a major transport hub, Parramatta is well linked to the rest of Sydney via the train and bus network.

Although Parramatta is better-connected transport wise than most other suburbs, residents do claim that it is still handy to be able to drive as sometimes the public transport network does get delayed.

Parramatta is also planned to enjoy a light rail station expected to open in 2023, which will be a link between Parramatta, Westmead and Carlingford.

Main transport hubs around Parramatta

  • Parramatta
  • Granville (< 10 minute train ride)
  • Lidcombe (< 10 minute train ride)

Parramatta main roads

Road Connections (West to East)
Parramatta Road Parramatta to Sydney CBD
M4 Glenbrook (Blue Mountains) to Concord
James Ruse Drive Granville to Northmead
A28 Liverpool to Wahroonga

Proximity to Sydney hotspots

Destination Distance (km) Time taken by car (~150% for on peak) Time taken by public transport (train and/or bus)
Sydney CBD area 24km 30 minutes 25 minutes
Macquarie area 14km 30 minutes 45 minutes
Strathfield area 13km 20 minutes 25 minutes
Ryde area 25km 30 minutes 60 minutes
Chatswood area 15km 20 minutes 40 minutes
North Sydney area 27km 30 minutes 55 minutes
Hurstville area 23km 35 minutes 65 minutes
Bondi Junction Area 28km 40 minutes 60 minutes
Blue Mountains area 45km 70 minutes 120 minutes
Manly beach 40km 50 minutes 100 minutes
Cronulla beach 37km 55 minutes 250 minutes
Bondi beach 31km 45 minutes 80 minutes
UNSW Kensington 30km 40 minutes 60 minutes
USYD Camperdown 22km 30 minutes 50 minutes
UTS Ultimo 23km 35 minutes 50 minutes
WSU Parramatta 3km 10 minutes 20 minutes

The above distances and times are calculated on Google Maps and are approximates.

Health in Parramatta

The largest and most reputable hospital nearby is Westmead Hospital which includes Westmead Private and Westmead Children’s Hospital. Within Parramatta, there are also many small medical centres, dentists and GPs.

Many specialists are also located in Parramatta but they’re not concentrated in a single area, rather spread sparsely within the CBD area.

Parramatta is well connected for all standard health related needs.

Westmead Hospital

Westmead Hospital (Source: Westmead Hospital)

Shopping in Parramatta

Talk to any Parramatta resident about shopping and they’ll mention the huge Westfield in town. The Westfield has 5 levels of stores and will cover almost all of your everyday purchases. Parramatta residents are unlikely to be left wanting from a shopping perspective.

For high flyers, the only shops that seem to be lacking in Westfield are luxury fashion brands like Gucci and Prada.

Bunnings for hardware, Officeworks for stationery and Costco for bulk purchase household items are within a 10 minutes drive along Parramatta Road.

Secondary Education near Parramatta

The greater Parramatta area hosts a large amount of public, catholic schools and a few major private institutions. The key schools that residents attend near the area are:

School Name Type
James Ruse Agricultural High School Selective
Baulkham Hills High School Selective
Penrith Selective High School Selective
Girraween High School Selective
Parramatta High School Partially selective
Parramatta Public School Non-selective
North Parramatta Public School Non-selective
Westmead Public School Non-selective
Macarthur Girls High School Catholic
Parramatta Marist Westmead Catholic
King’s School Private

Tertiary Education near Parramatta

Western Sydney University is the closest university to Parramatta. Although historically not as well regarded at UNSW, UTS, Macquarie University and University of Sydney, the university has undergone a rebrand and has had millions of dollars of investment to transform the educational institution.

Western Sydney University is 20 minutes away by public transport (bus) or 10 minutes away by car.

The university also boasts an amazing new library which is completely open to the public.

western sydney university

(Source: Western Sydney University)

Parking in Parramatta

Suburb side (North of the Parramatta River) is generally paid streetside parking. Rates vary on time or day and whether its a weekday or a weekend but they generally hover around $2-4 an hour.

CBD side (South of the Parramatta River) is generally in parking lots. Rates are standard for Sydney starting at around ~$5 an hour.

For visitors to Parramatta, free 3-hour parking at Westfield is the go-to option. On Sundays, visitors also enjoy 4 hours free parking in multi-storey council car parks.

You can also find a quality car washer in North Parramatta called Schmicko.

See the City Of Parramatta website for the most up to date information on parking in Parramatta.

Crime and Safety in Parramatta

15-20 years ago, Parramatta used to be known as one of Sydney’s sketchier areas however the reality is that the suburb has cleaned up immensely since then and you shouldn’t be more worried being in Parramatta than the rest of Sydney.

The area around Church St Mall used to be known as a bad area but it has since been redeveloped and renamed to Centennial Square. Like any suburb, crime isn’t non existent but you can more or less rest assured that you will be safe living in Parramatta.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the trains from the CBD back to Parramatta are typically loaded with young and middle-aged people who have been out drinking that night and are on their way home. This crowd may be louder than usual but it shouldn’t be too much of a cause for concern.

Robbery without a weapon, Parramatta Local Government Area

Last 10 years of “Robbery without a weapon” incidents in Parramatta Local Government Area (Jan 2010 to Dec 2019) (Source: NSW Government)

Break and Enter - dwelling stats, Parramatta Local Government Area

Last 10 years of “Breaking and entering – dwelling” incidents in Parramatta Local Government Area (Jan 2010 to Dec 2019) (Source: NSW Government)

Motor theft stats, Parramatta Local Government Area

Last 10 years of “Motor vehicle theft” incidents in Parramatta Local Government Area (Jan 2010 to Dec 2019) (Source: NSW Government)

Entertainment in Parramatta

There are constant events, culture festivals and free concerts happening in Parramatta. These events are mostly family-friendly and are a great way to bring together the community.

There’s also a small nightlife scene in Parramatta centred around Church Street. There’s a small number of bars, clubs and shisha bars around the area that are great watering holes for friends and co-workers.

Parramatta Park and River

The riverbank is great for walks and jogs and most large scale events like concerts and culture festivals happen around this area as well.

Parramatta Park Events(Source: Sydney Festival)

Farmers’ Markets 

At certain times throughout the year, the council also hosts Farmers’ markets to showcase local food producers.

The City of Parramatta also hosts other events frequently for the community.

Farmers Market Parramatta

(Source: City of Parramatta)

Parramatta Lanes food festival

Once a year, Parramatta also lights up for Parramatta Lanes, a multicultural food festival where carparks, cathedrals, universities turn into food hubs for the hungry.

Parramatta Lanes food festival

(Source: Discover Parramatta)

Labyrinth Escape Rooms

Labyrinth Escape Rooms is popular entertainment venue where you find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes in a race against the clock. It’s exciting, addictive and challenging and above all else, Parramatta’s most original and exciting team building experience for everyone.

(Source: Labyrinth Escape Rooms)

Event Cinemas

For a cinematic movie experience, there’s an Event Cinemas located within the Westfield Shopping Centre.

Event Cinemas Parramatta

(Source: Event Cinemas)

Sydney Symphony Under The Stars 

The Sydney Symphony hosts a free classical music concert at Parramatta Park every year around mid-January accompanied with fireworks.

(Source: Sydney Festival)

Food in Parramatta

Parramatta has a bustling food scene primarily centered on Church Street (more affectionately known as “Eat Street”) and the Westfield shopping mall. The food in Parramatta is as multicultural as the population living in its surrounding regions with restaurants serving Mexican, Italian, Indian, Malaysian, Thai and Western cuisine congregated along the one street.

Eat Street encompasses the more upscale river side, bordering the Parramatta River and cheaper Asian eats in the one or two streets inland. Residents and professionals from surrounding suburbs frequently commute into Parramatta just for this food street.

Food in Parramatta is typically mid ranged, looking to set you back $20-40 a meal and there’s a smaller range of cheap eats and higher end restaurants in the area as well.

Church St

Church Street is located right next to the Parramatta Train Station (Source: Google Maps)

Mad Mex

Cuisine Mexican
Price $
Address 285 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Description Branding itself as “Healthy Mexican” food, the Mad Mex food chain offers affordable mexican food for around AUD ~$10-15 a meal. Great for a quick meal or casual catch up with friends or family.

Mad Mex Parramatta

(Source: QS Media)

Coco Cubano 

Cuisine Cuban
Price $$
Address 302 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Description Coco Cubano offers Cuban styled tapas, coffee and cocktails for a quick eat or a place to chill out.

Coco Cubano parramatta

(Source: Concrete Playground)

Holy Basil

Cuisine Laos/Thai
Price $$
Address Shop 5/330 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Description Holy Basil is a well known authentic Laos/Thai restaurant chain across Sydney with restaurants in Canley Heights, Sydney CBD, Barangaroo and Parramatta. Their deep fried ice cream is a must try.

holy basil parramatta

(Source: Holy Basil)

BL Burgers

Cuisine Western
Price $$
Address 3/188 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Description BL Burgers is a spin-off of Bar Luca offering greasy packed burgers.

bl burgers parramatta

(Source: Deliveroo)

Circa Espresso

Cuisine Brunch
Price $$
Address 21 Wentworth St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Description Circa is a Melbourne inspired brunch spot with high quality food and coffee.

circa parramatta

(Source: Concrete Playground)

Bondi Pizza Bar & Grill

Cuisine Western
Price $$
Address 320 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Description Bondi Pizza is a bar and grill with warm vibes, specialising in pizza and pasta.

(Source: Quandoo)

The Meat & Wine Co

Cuisine Western
Price $$$
Address Shop 6 & 7/330 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Description The Meat & Wine Co is a mid-high end steakhouse restaurant with great food and classy vibes.

Meat & Wine Co Parramatta

(Source: Man of Many)

Bay Vista

Cuisine Dessert
Price $
Address 52Q3+CQ Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Description Bay Vista is a chilled out dessert bar, great for gatherings of friends or family.

bay vista parramatta

(Source: Bay Vista)


Cuisine Dessert
Price $
Address 52Q3+3F Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Description Messina is known throughout Sydney for amazing gelato.

messina parramatta

(Source: Concrete Playground)

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