The Importance Of Paint When Selling

January 10, 2022
the importance of paint when it's time to sell

We live in a visual world and first impressions matter, especially when it comes to the property market. 

For homeowners and investors, undertaking a few necessary renovations prior to selling can be beneficial.

With careful planning and a focus on ‘wowing’ potential purchasers, you can achieve the highest sale price possible.

When you are thinking of selling, a professional paint job is an absolute must.

Buyers gravitate to freshly painted homes. In fact, online advertising campaigns that feature photographs with sparkling walls and mention of fresh paint draw higher numbers of eager house hunters to inspections, leading to more genuinely interested parties.

It takes a split second for a buyer to connect with a property, so optimising your property before it goes on the market is a smart move.

Homebuyers feel happier when inspecting a freshly painted property; the clean walls invite them to visualise their own décor and furniture inside the property.

Professional painting can be easily coordinated with other tradespeople to avoid time wasting

A common concern for investors who want to get their properties on the market quickly is that painting will cost too much and take too long.

Many experienced paint companies specialise in pre-sale renovations and can complete an expert paint job in a matter of days.

Some can even do the whole job in one day. Even though painting costs will need to be outlaid, the value of a quality paint upgrade should repay itself two, three or even ten-fold when the property is sold.

Once you have scheduled your paint experts, there are things you can do to make the process quicker


Simple preparation steps such as decluttering or emptying the rooms, removing window furnishings, replacing broken light globes to allow for maximum illumination, and wiping down walls with towels.

These simple tasks will make the painting job more efficient and potentially save you money on labour costs.

Often, other minor renovations are required when preparing a home for sale. Bathroom and kitchen updates, carpet replacement or floor sanding are the most typical.

A professional paint company should be able to provide advice for synchronising work with the other trades to ensure a smooth process.

If you are going to paint, do it right

DIY painting is not recommended for pre-sale renovations. It is easy to spot a bad paint job and inexperienced painters tend to leave their mark.

Choosing a professional painting company will put your property in the hands of specialists whose work will be guaranteed. They also have the required equipment on hand, knowledge about niche paint types and paint colours as well as efficient preparation and painting techniques.

Be sure to choose a reputable company with plenty of local industry experience.

You wouldn’t dress in pyjamas for an interview

Flaunt your property with all you’ve got when sharing it with potential purchasers.

Depending on your budget, start with interior painting for a quick facelift and then consider other improvement projects such as flooring upgrades or garden landscaping.

When the final bid comes in, at least you’ll know you have done all you can to win buyers over.

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Oscar Kus is the co-founder and managing director at One Day Paint, an efficient, professional alternative to your traditional painting services. With extensive experience in the commercial construction industry, Oscar saw a gap in the market to deliver a service far exceeding the customers’ expectations.

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