Moving to Australia from the USA – A Complete Relocation Guide

October 26, 2022

Australia is one of the best destinations to move to. Factors like a booming economy, great beaches, a wide range of real estate property options, and natural views can be considered to shift into this continent. There might be many reasons to relocate to Australia, because it is a fun place to be. With friendly people, localities speaking the same language, and a great opportunity for jobs.

And just in case you’re moving to the USA from Australia, we’ve got you covered there tooo.

Moving household items

If you are planning to move to Australia, a detailed list of things needs to be made. First, list those things that are necessary for you to shift from the USA to Australia. Your belongings and other crucial items have to be separated.

Then in the next step, you need to find a way to transport all the items there. You can shift larger furniture like wardrobes too. To ship or send them by flight, custom will be involved in the process.

Shifting pets

Australia is a pet-friendly country. But, if you want to shift your pet from the USA to Australia, you have to go through some processes. Some general criteria have to be met. If you want to transfer some common pets like cats, dogs, and fish; only showing the birthplace is enough.

But if they are exotic animals like parrots or different types of birds; then you have to take permission from the authorities. Make sure your pets are vaccinated and microchipped. Additionally, an import permit is necessary to move to Australia with a pet. 

Customs rules and regulations in Australia

Australian customs and borders are friendly and considerate. As a traveler, you just have to have the proper documents and follow all the rules regarding the restricted elements and activities. The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service will help you with your cargo and other issues that you may face at the border. You just have to stand in a queue, officers will take care of the rest. 


This is an important aspect to consider. Moving to Australia seems fun, but you also have to think about the expenses that you have to make every day. Your expense will start from shipping the products.  

Cost of shipping

Australia is a large island. Shipping from the USA to Australia takes a long time. You need to plan according to the ship’s timeline to get the products. From the USA, Los Angeles or New York offers Shipping services. Depending on the destination, it takes 4-6 weeks to reach Australia. In Australia, the ship will be received by Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney. The process will cost an average of 1683.51 AUD to 4343.87 AUD. This is for a 6.096 meters container.

Cost of flying goods

If you can’t wait for that long, then there is another way to transport your goods. And that is by air. Based on a single meter-cubed 250kg container, you have to send your goods from Los Angeles or New York. On average it takes 1-3 days to reach your products in Australia. Depending on the Sydney, or Adelaide port, you need to spend 3313.49 to 3662.27 AUD on average.

Cost of living

After you have landed and safely reached your new home, now it is time to face another issue. That is the cost of living in Australia. Living here is quite affordable. Compared to living in the USA, it is significantly cheaper in Australia. 

Pleasantville realtor Nicholas McMillan said, “if you compare any expensive city like New York to any of the Australian cities, you will find that living cost is comparatively less in Australia.” 

To be specific, you will notice around a 25% drop in living costs. For example, daily groceries will cost you 17.29 AUD in Australia, for the same amount of product you had to spend 28.99 AUD in the USA.

Healthcare cost

Australia has a fully functioning healthcare system with a mixture of public and private programs. The public program is called Medicare. Every Australian citizen has the right to get medical attention and be a part of Medicare. Free treatments are provided in the hospitals. You also can enjoy the benefit of private health care, which is equally better.

The climate of Australia

Australia is known for its warm weather. Winter is not that cold. The weather is similar to Texas or Nevada. Most of the land area of Australia is covered by sand, so it is understandable why it is so warm. Summers can get hot. But there is some part of Australia that is comfortable to live in. Most of the heat is in the sandy area. You will love to buy a home in this welcoming country. However, Australia is known for mozzy attacks after dark, so you need to be aware of that issue while considering moving to Australia. 


Moving to a whole new continent is stressful. But, the people in Australia are helpful in every way that you need. Get plenty of exciting and affordable options while purchasing a home in Australia. Just having proper documents and following rules will make the process so easy and fast. Preplanning and making the right decision at the right moment is the key to making it perfect.

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