Moving House Checklist for Perth 

August 2, 2022
Moving House Checklist for Perth

After researching real estate in Perth and finding the house of your dreams, the journey to making it your home is still a long way away. First, you need to check Perth suburb ratings to make sure the community around the house you’ve chosen matches your expectations. Next, to find out if Perth is the place for you, you should check the places to visit in Perth. While all this might seem like a painstaking process, our team at Soho is here to make it all easier for you by equipping you with all the information you need to move. 

When it comes to moving to your brand new home, we suggest taking a systematic approach. You can do this by using a moving house checklist to make sure all the logistics involved are planned and implemented properly. 

Steps to Take When Moving

Relocation can be a busy time, often requiring plenty of careful planning and lots of physical labour. Because there are lots of logistics involved in any successful move, you will need to implement your pre-planned course of action effectively to keep stress at a minimum. Here are some of the common things you might consider doing before you move:

Hiring a Moving Service 

When it comes to moving, there are generally two choices–you can move your belongings yourself with the help of friends, or you can hire professional movers. If you are looking for professionals, the easiest way is to enquire within your community or find one in your area based on online reviews. You can also choose the level of support you get, such as hiring people to help you pack and unpack or to just simply move your pre-packed boxes from the origin to the destination.  

Gather Packing Boxes 

Moving House Checklist for Perth

If you are packing your belongings yourself, you will need to get packing boxes, which you can obtain either for free from local stores recycling them or by purchasing them from movers or storage companies nearby. 

Pack Your Belongings Wisely 

When packing your things, make sure you review the contents that you are packing first. For example, the items you don’t commonly use can be either disposed of, donated, or sold to avoid adding unnecessary clutter when you move into your new home. Make sure you pack your fragile items with adequate padding and double check the weight limits of the boxes you are using. Another useful tip is to always start packing the non-essential items first, leaving the essentials out closer to the move. Labelling boxes and maintaining a list also helps in keeping a tally of your belongings. 

Pay Off All Outstanding Bills and Disconnect Utilities 

Before you move out, be sure you have all your bills paid off so you don’t accrue any late fees later on. Utilities such as your internet, electricity, and water should also be disconnected in advance to avoid additional bills after you have moved out. If it’s a rented property you are moving out of, be sure you send the owner a notice well in advance so they can arrange to transfer utilities into their name. 

Arrange Cleaning 

You can do a final cleaning yourself or hire professional cleaners to clean your home once you’ve moved out of it. You should also be sure that the place you’re moving into is clean and ready before you arrive. Professional cleaners need to be booked well in advance, so it’s important to plan this accordingly. 

Inspect Your New Home 

No moving checklist is complete without you doing a thorough inspection of your new house. This will not only help you on the day of your move, but can also help you to pack accordingly to make the overall transition easier. 

Update Your Address 

Moving House Checklist for Perth

Make sure you don’t forget to update your address with your service providers, banks, and mail subscriptions before moving. You will also need to change your address on your driver’s licence as well as on the electoral roll. Additionally, a land title transfer is required if you’re not renting. 

Plan Around Kids and Pets in Advance 

The day of the move will most likely be stressful and hectic, so it makes sense to hire babysitters or pet sitters in advance to help take care of your kids and critters during a hectic moving day.

Final Thoughts 

Moving houses can seem like a tedious and painstaking process that can build up a lot of stress if not planned efficiently. Therefore, careful planning with a systematic approach of ticking off all the tasks involved will help you make the move as comfortable and easy as possible. 

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Let us Find your next Dream Home

Our AI will create a personalised list of property matches for you to rank from over 100,000 available listings