Hybrid Construction: Minimum Waste and Minimum Labour

April 26, 2017

Hybrid construction is a building technique that uses both modular and prefabricated elements.

Panels and pods are manufactured in a factory and are then delivered in both a flat pack and modular format to the building site.

This hybrid system of building combines the best of both worlds. This includes the high productivity involved in the construction of modules and the ease of transportation offered in a prefabricated or flat pack build, when transporting convenient sized panels to a range of sites.

The hybrid system also produces minimum waste, minimum labour and a sustainable building in minimum time.

Modular building companies are growing in popularity as home builders realise the convenience of having a house built in a factory rather than putting up with the scheduling of different trades on site, weather conditions delaying the building time and the amount of waste produced by different materials used.

A factory built house means there is a production line of modules and panels being built, ready for delivery and installation when needed.

Kitchen and bathroom modules are built in a factory and require detailed construction.

When building a kitchen or bathroom in a factory, fitting appliances, toilets and sinks can happen with skilled tradesmen in one location and with attention to detail, and there is no need for the trades person to drive around to different sites to complete a number of bathrooms or kitchens.

All materials, appliances and accessories can be delivered and installed at the factory.

There is also minimum waste because if there are leftover materials from one kitchen build, that can then be used on another kitchen.

This actually reduces the time and cost it can take to build a kitchen or bathroom.

A major advantage of a modular build is clearly the construction of a module component built without delay and with detailed workmanship.

Prefabricated or flat pack building companies offer houses built from panels that are constructed in a factory and installed on site in a short time frame and with a flexible design.

Once again, building with panels means there are no weather conditions affecting the standing of frames and beams, there is no waste product as the panels are already constructed and ready to install, and there is no need for a variety of carpenters and painters to come on site.

Panels can be built from recyclable materials and are completed and painted in a factory. The panels can be insulated and come in a standard size. The design of a house is simply made up by slotting together wall, floor and roof panels.

Have you ever been stuck driving behind a “wide load” truck delivering module components of a house? The panels of a prefabricated or flat pack build will fit conveniently on racks on the back of a truck.

This means the panels can be delivered to difficult to access or sloping sites. Once the panels have been delivered they are constructed into the chosen house design on site.

With prefabricated panels or a flat pack system there is flexibility for future builds as well. Modifications or extensions can be easily carried out, simply by having more panels delivered and slotted onto the house.

Wall, door and window panels can be added on or moved around according to the needs of the home builder.

The hybrid system is an innovative way of building which offers some advantages traditional building procedures cannot. Building a house has never been easier!

Author bio:

Rachel Reitsma is a content writer for MAAP House Pty. Ltd. and a journalist for her local newspaper and concentrates on writing articles about the environment and community groups. She believes that education is a key factor in changing society’s way of thinking about housing and communities.

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