How Much Does a Commercial Building Inspection Cost in Sydney?

November 9, 2022
How Much Does a Commercial Building Inspection Cost in Sydney

Many people ask – how much does a commercial building inspection cost in Sydney

Irrespective of the type, a building inspection is mandatory before looking up and purchasing a property for sale in Sydney.  

A commercial building differs from a residential building, not just in its function but in the risk

The higher risk makes a building inspection necessary for commercial properties. 

It costs a lot of money if done before a sale, but it is necessary to maximise the value. 

What is a commercial building inspection? 

A commercial business inspection is a visual observation of the subject property via a walk-through survey, researching the commercial building and finally collating the information into a report of that property. 

It is done to ensure that the business is operated in a safe and efficient environment.

Commercial building Inspection is in three aspects:

  1. Survey
  2. Research
  3. Report collation.

1. Survey

How Much Does a Commercial Building Inspection Cost in Sydney?

The inspector involved is expected to carry out a visual interrogation concerning the building’s physical condition. 

The property survey has to be thorough as it involves assessing the property’s important components, including the door, windows, roof surface, drainage system, plumbing, kitchen, electric systems etc. 

The building inspectors often call in other experts for further inspection based on their unique fields. 

This also depends on the type of inspection carried out. A basic check might not require these services, but a thorough one will. 

Professionals like a plumber or an electrician can be called in for further investigation as the inspector may not have expertise in those areas.

Seek professionals like a commercial plumber who is an expert in conducting detailed inspections of plumbing systems and evaluating the functioning and condition of plumbing fixtures, pipes, and sewer systems.

On the other hand, a professional electrician can assess the real condition of a building’s power infrastructure. The electrician will determine if the sockets, wires, and other electrical fixtures need a replacement for an upgraded electrical system. 

Choose professionals with foolproof credentials and experience to ensure the survey report is accurate and compliant with industry standards and applicable laws. That way, you can have peace of mind and save money on costly repairs due to unforeseen problems in your building.

2. Research

This is also a document review. For this aspect, the commercial building inspector involved goes through all the important documents of the property and contacts the seller for more information about the building. 

This is done to discover any loophole concerning the agreement about the building. 

The information obtained from the research backs the one from the survey. The inspector will need further research and a survey if it doesn’t.

Research and survey of a building can take several days, depending on the building type and number of rooms or size of the building. 

For instance, surveying a semi-detached house with three bedrooms can take two to three hours. A building survey of a five-bedroom house with a garage can take five to six hours.

3. Report collation

Following the survey and research is the collation of all information concerning the building by the commercial building inspector. 

This report will contain the property’s strengths, weaknesses, maintenance, and functions

It is given to the client for a concise understanding of the building. That is the essence of a building inspection.

The building surveyor will inform the property owner about the estimated time the report will be completed, which usually takes five to ten days, depending on whether the survey is a Level One or Level Two Structural Survey.

How much does a commercial building inspection in Sydney cost?

How Much Does a Commercial Building Inspection Cost in Sydney?

Commercial inspections are done strictly as a business deal. It prepares you for any unusual surprises about the building. 

Commercial buildings operate differently. They operate as businesses, so the inspection process, risks and costs differ. What a mall inspection will cost differs from the cost of a café.

As stated earlier, a building inspection can be a basic or thorough check. The professionals set the cost through the type of inspection the client wants to be executed. 

One of the ways a commercial building inspection is charged depends on the average price of a square foot, like residential properties.  

The standard building condition report from SPI property inspection costs around $550, including GST. 

Building inspection companies can offer a fixed package price depending on how complex the inspection is.

When choosing a building inspection specialist, they must be qualified and have an alliance with plumbing, roofing and other professionals for pest inspections in Sydney to ensure they meet the standard.

It is important to know that prices are charged according to the building. However, it is necessary to read their terms and conditions thoroughly as they can include additional costs depending on the type of inspection you want.

Why is building inspection necessary?

How Much Does a Commercial Building Inspection Cost in Sydney?

The value of a commercial building is a huge factor in making this financial decision. A building inspection guarantees safety and trust in the investment, especially if you’re buying Sydney property at auction.

No doubt that carrying out a building inspection is time-consuming and expensive

Despite the cost, every buyer or seller must carry out a building inspection, especially a commercial building. Here are a few reasons why:

  • A building inspection exposes both major and minor defects of the building, giving the buyer or seller a clearer view of the building.
  • It helps in decision-making. After a building inspection, the client can clearly understand what to do concerning the building. 
  • A building Inspection report can be used when a legal dispute arises and can even be a factor when negotiating price.

There are various reasons why a building inspection is needed. You might be concerned about the costs involved but getting a professional report can save you potential financial issues in the future.

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