How To Throw a Housewarming Party

January 24, 2017

One of the most important things after buying your new home is, of course, throwing a really good house warming party.

Buying a home is a big achievement, so what could be better than showing it off to all your friends and family?

Here’s how to throw a great housewarming party in four easy steps.

1. Plan your housewarming party well in advance

The biggest difference between planning a housewarming party and planning any other type of house party is the unpacking. Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to unpack all your boxes and get settled in.

Unless you want the theme of your party to be “boxes as furniture”, you should give yourself at least a few weeks between the move-in date and the party.

If you don’t have much experience planning a house party, just remember to choose who you’re inviting and give them all the information they need to get there. Decide how much food and drink you’ll supply and whether your guests should BYO.

2. Choose a theme

While having a themed house warming party isn’t strictly necessary, it can be a lot of fun if it’s done right.

If you want a costume theme, choose one that’s relevant to your home. If it’s a 1920’s art deco style house, then have your guests dress up in costumes of that era. If it’s an old Victorian style house, then a haunted house theme would be perfect and your guests can dress up as all kinds of ghosts and ghouls.

Whether you want guests to come in costume or not, you can make a playlist of songs from the decade your house was built in. That’s an easy way to choose a costume theme as well – have your guests dress as an artist from that decade.

3. Decorate to impress

If you’ve chosen to go with a theme, then the job of decorating just got a lot easier. Just decorate your house to match the theme, whether it’s a spooky haunted house or a groovy 70’s party.

If there’s no theme, you just need to make your new home look as good as it can. You don’t have to go overboard to impress your guests; a few nice touches like fresh flowers or candles might be all you need.

4. Get everything organised on the day

Hosting a party does come with some responsibilities and duties. But make sure you actually have fun as well. You don’t need to stress if everything is not perfect and don’t spend all night in the kitchen preparing food. Enjoy the party!

Apart from that, just do your best to be a good host. Offer your guests food and drinks when they arrive or direct them to where they can help themselves. Try to introduce people who haven’t met each other before.

Finally, don’t forget to show off your new place! Give everyone the grand tour and have a good brag. You’ve earned it.

Author bio:

Blossom Costumes is an online retailer of premium costumes and they’re party enthusiasts. They have a huge range of costumes for every occasion.

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