Home Security Tips Before You Leave on Holiday

January 19, 2023
Home security tips before you leave on holiday

Key takeaways:

  • House security is essential to look at when you are leaving for vacation.
  • Install a home security system, lock the doors and windows, and ask your friends to regularly check your place.
  • It is ideal that you keep the lawn mowed and plants watered to avoid suspicious activities.

Home security should be treated extremely seriously. Taking all the precautions you can to keep your house safe is essential. It will protect your home from break-ins, theft, or other harm. Let’s look at a few practical home security tips before you leave on holiday. 

Home security tips you should follow before leaving home for vacation 

1. Lock all your doors and windows before you leave

Before leaving your house for long or short vacations, lock all your windows and keep each door closed. It would be best if you took extra precautions with the garage door, front door, ground floor windows, and sliding doors. Taking a few extra seconds to lock up your house and investing in door locks will stop people from breaking in. Knowing that the doors and windows are locked can help you relax while you’re away from home.

2. Ask a friend or neighbour for a regular checkup 

When you go on vacation, the most important thing you can do to protect your house is to ask a trusted neighbour or friend to check on it regularly. Give them a house key and instructions on resetting the alarm system if necessary.

3. Install a home security system and monitor it on the phone app

One of the most effective ways to increase your home security is by installing a home security system. This will involve installing a security camera, glass break sensors, and motion sensors around windows and doors.

A sound monitoring system will alert you if it detects someone trying to break through the garage door opener or front door. Such security signs will stop potential burglars from attempting a break-in in the first place.

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4. Put timers on all your lights

Timers on lights help prevent the stress of worrying about leaving the lights on when one goes away for a holiday. Setting up timers can make your home look occupied and discourage burglars from coming onto your property. There are also some helpful outdoor security lights you should look at. 

5. Invest in smart locks and security cameras

Investing in smart locks and security cameras is a great way to ensure home security on a holiday trip. Such locks are power tools that help you control who goes in and out of your home. You can attach them to your patio door or the exterior doors of your home.

Additionally, if you have an attached garage or a patio door, you should install a smart lock for these as well for an extra layer of security.

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6. Keep valuables hidden or locked away

If you are like most people, you probably have a few valuables you would prefer not to worry about when you go on vacation. Whether it is jewellery, important documents, or just some extra cash, keeping your valuables hidden or locked away before you leave for a trip is always a good idea.

You must store such things in random places where no one can guess. A few ideas are inside a hollow dictionary, lock box, or a large vase.

7. Mow the lawn and water the plants

One of the best home security tips includes mowing your lawn and watering your plants. You must not offer any suspicious activity to potential burglars. Doing so will give your home a lived-in look and make it less likely to be targeted by burglars.

If you are going on a long vacation, you can ask a friend to water your plants. For your lawns, it is best that you hire an online service or pay someone to regularly mow your lawn. 

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8. Stop your mail and newspaper deliveries

Before leaving on vacation, it’s a good idea to put a hold on any mail or newspaper deliveries. Doing so will ensure no pile of unanswered mail or deliveries on your front door. Furthermore, your home will appear occupied and deter potential burglars.

You should not waste money on newspapers while you are away. Simply contact your local post office or newspaper delivery service and let them know your holiday dates.

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Whether it’s home decor or safety in the home, we’ve got all the tips to keep your property in good condition.

With such tips in mind, ensuring that your home remains secure while you enjoy a well-deserved break from work and everyday life is easy. Setting up an alarm system, stopping mail delivery service during your absence, and a security alarm system will give you peace of mind.

Doing so will ensure that everything back home is safe and sound until after returning from holiday.

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