Home Renovation Without A Permit – Don’t Do It

February 10, 2023
home renovation without permit

Key takeaways:

  • Doing construction work without a building permit is illegal and can cause you to pay a considerable fine.
  • Building permits require a few documents, including structural drawings and a filled application form.
  • Remember, a planning permit cannot take the place of a building permit.

If you’re considering home renovation without a permit, stop right there.

As a  tenant, you need to get permission from your landlord to make any significant changes to the house. Officially, this permission is regarded as a planning permit. 

It contains conditions and information about the changes to be made. The landlord must acknowledge the permit and allow your house renovation. Only then can you make changes like adding a patio, new windows or doors, etc. 

While some jobs can be completed by yourself, others often require hiring a qualified building contractor. It is advisable to consult an expert before obtaining your building permit.

The article below will tell us more about permits and how to get one. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a building permit?

A building permit is a way of securing the structural stability and safety of your building structure. Obtaining a building permit is necessary before starting a project. 

The authority or organisation that issues your permit will inspect the building work to make sure it complies with the national building code, in this case, Australia’s. This is why you need to document every step of the building process because it will be used as a written record.

If you are making sizable changes to the structural work, a building permit is required. However, you do not need permits if you only need to make minor adjustments like adding bulbs, etc. 

A completed application form must be submitted in order to receive written approval. This form will explain the key stages of building legislation and building codes which will help you with the construction.

Building permits and their requirements

You need a building permit if you’re making even minor changes, like adding a section or creating a new doorway.

On the other hand, demolition work cannot be done without having this permit. There are also a few building permit requirements that you need to fulfil before you get the permit.

home renovation without permit

If a building permit is necessary for your project, you must inquire with the employee. In some cases, you can make changes to the building on the basis of a planning permit.

Permit process

You must wait one to two weeks for the permit procedure to complete before you can begin the necessary work.

Furthermore, there are a few requirements of the application form, which include a planning report, shadow diagrams, and other documents. Without these, you cannot do home renovation without permit.

It is best to check the specifications because the proper permits can save you from paying significant fines. You will break the law if you make changes outside the Australian standards without the required permits.

Home renovations without a permit can result in attending a few court sessions along with paying a fine.

The permit process of different organisations/authorities varies according to their requirements. The fee for the permit will also be different.

You might also be required to fill out a building permit levy depending on the cost of the construction. You shouldn’t identify yourself in the application as the owner builder since you are not the building contractor. 

Moreover, the length of time that the building permit is valid varies as well. Therefore, you must go over everything with the person who issues your building permits. 

You won’t be able to obtain the occupancy permit if the permit expires while there is still work to be done because it is only issued after all construction on the property has been completed.

What changes require a building permit?

home renovation without permit

Making a few external additions such as sheds, wiring, and building garden walls to your house will require a building permit. However, these are not the only ones; there are a few more that you can read about here.

A permit is also necessary for some internal structure changes. For instance, a permit is required if you are remodelling your bathroom. However, if all you’re doing is changing the tap, no permit is required.

However, few rules depend on the town or suburb you are living in. So you need to learn about them from your local council.

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