Great Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

January 24, 2022

A renovated bathroom makes your home more stylish, adds value—and is incredibly difficult to accomplish without proper planning.

There are so many details at work that if not addressed properly will dash your hopes for the ultimate modern bathroom. Since you will be spending a good amount of money on this project, it is important to evaluate everything carefully before proceeding. This is where we help you complete the picture.

Know What a Bathroom Remodel Costs

Before you get ambitious with all your ideas and expectations for your dream bathroom, you should set aside the budget for it. It is easy to lose track of what you truly need when met with a myriad of options for the bathroom remodelling.

The size of your bathroom, the materials you plan on using, labour costs, and whether you want to DIY any upgrades—all of this will affect your budget.

Don’t Make the Toilet the First Thing You See

This goes without saying. Oftentimes, the bathroom door is ajar, and the first glimpse of your renovated bathroom that you wish to show off to your guests should not be the toilet. Make anything but your grand throne the focal point.

Skip the Toilet Paper

A renovation of your bathroom also calls for a renovation of your hygiene habits. Let go of your old, scratchy toilet paper and embrace the bidet. But, what is a bidet? Simply put, a bidet is a fixture attached to your toilet seat that helps wash your private parts after you have answered nature’s call.

Rest assured, once you have discovered the feeling of freshness after one use, you will never revert to your primitive bidet-less ways ever again.

Consider Leaving Those Vintage Finishes

This is especially true of older homes as they may have wall tiles with several coats of concrete and difficult wire lath. You might have to shell out big bucks to have them removed which would be better spent on other more useful things. Vintage finishes, for example- tiles can add character to your bathroom.

Plan a Lighting Scheme

Task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting help you achieve a well-lit space. This will help improve the mood and functionality of the space. For instance, get a dimmer for the main lights to fully enjoy your leisurely baths in the right mood.

Additionally, recessed fixtures around the mirror will provide maximum light for makeup, shaving, or other tricky tasks. A pleasant and safer option is to place lights inside the shower screen.

Understand Standard Bathroom Dimension

This is crucial for an efficient remodel plan. You will need to know the measurements of the bathtub or the space you plan to keep for your toilet.

Plan the Right Height for Your Sink

Typically, 32-34 inches off the floor is the ideal height for countertops. But you will also need to account for your sink. For instance, you will want to make your counter lower if you opt for an above-counter sink for comfortable brushing and washing.

Consider a Corner Sink or a Tiny Tub

If you are tight on space due to the shower or entry door, place your sink in the corner to free up space. It also adds dimension and uniqueness to your bathroom.

If you are worried that you will need to skip out on your tub dreams due to space issues, worry not.  Many companies are coming up with sleek new designs that make use of small spaces.

Pick the Right Vanity

There’s more to vanities than how they look. A big one could hinder movement within the bathroom, and a small one could make you grapple with countertop space and storage.

The right construction material is another important aspect, and missing this could cost you a lot of bucks in maintenance.

Splurge on a Few High-End Materials

Given the small spaces, splurging on some good-quality materials and fixtures will end up making your space luxurious and in turn, become a good investment. Materials such as walls, floor tiles, and countertops may cost you a little, but don’t scrimp on these areas to save money. This has the potential to detract from the bathroom’s design aesthetic.

Double Check Your Tile Size

Most tiles are sold in European sizes i.e mm so your 12” by 24” tiles are likely to be at 11⅜” which can affect your tile layout, niches, and plumbing.

Think About Converting Your Tub to a Shower

If you are not into baths, then there’s no point wasting space on a cumbersome tub that comes with additional cleaning duties. A shower is sleeker in modern bathrooms and is also more cost-effective. You won’t have to compromise on space or need to reroute the plumbing.

Have More Than One Way of Drying Out Your Bathroom

There’s nothing nastier than a mouldy bathroom. Prevention is better than waiting for mould to form before cleaning. Moisture is the main culprit that breeds mould and mildew, and the best way to combat it is to have a multifaceted approach: an operable window and a great fan that vents to the outside, not the attic.

The window will help draw out humidity as well as let in natural light that will save you electricity when you shower in the morning (imagine the aesthetics!). However, make sure that the shower window sill slopes downwards to drain off water and is covered with frosted glass for privacy.

Pay Attention to How Hardwood Meets a Tile Floor

Your bathroom floor may be tiled, but the hallway or room it’s connected to may not be. By planning, you will be able to easily manage the transition between the two spaces and the materials.

Choose a Hidden-Tank and/or Low-Flow Toilet

This has several advantages—the hidden water storage vessel mounted within the wall looks sleek in your modern bathroom as well as freeing up space. On the contrary, maintenance work can be cumbersome, as it is difficult to directly access the tank if the inner workings need repairs.

You should also consider a low-flow toilet, another super saver. These models save water each time you flush. They also lower your water bill in addition to boosting your home value.

Use Small, Textured Tile on the Shower Floor

The floor tiles of your shower are the most important choice when selecting bathroom materials for obvious safety reasons. Small, textured shower tiles help give extra grouting that will keep you from slipping after the shower when the floor is wet and soapy.

Fortunately, modern bathroom tiles have grouts that are mould, humidity, and stain-resistant as well as easy to clean, whether you choose ceramic or porcelain or mix different styles, opt for something that showcases your personality and uniquely your own.

Add a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

This is a smart storage option without any compromise to your bathroom aesthetics. If you are worried about the extra wall framing job, don’t: It doesn’t add much to the overall expenses.

A recessed medicine cabinet is ideal for shallow vanities as it will give you more space to use the sink. No worries about banging your head on the cabinet edge.

Opt for Heated Flooring

Heated floorings are inexpensive to install and will save you money in the long run. Heating an area is less expensive than using central heating.

They not only increase the value of your property, but they also improve your comfort, especially if you live in a cold region.

Keep the Main Fixtures Neutral

There are a variety of options available for fixtures and you would be in a pinch to select one that suits you best. However, it is ideal to stick to neutral options for main fixtures such as the sink, toilet, shower, and tub.

This is because bathroom fads die quickly, and a dated bathroom can harm your resale value. Smaller fixtures and accessories can be easily swapped when you want an upgrade.

Carefully Consider Countertop Material

Bathroom countertops have multiple options, so it’s important to weigh appearance with functionality. For instance, while marble countertops are appealing but porous and need regular resealing, cheaper laminate countertops don’t add much to resale value.

Natural stone countertops may be expensive but durable. We recommend not to go for tiled countertops as they have grout lines that need frequent cleaning.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Storage is an important aspect of your bathroom that is often overlooked. You will need cabinets, drawers, and shelving to fit all your bathroom items. Functioning storage is ideal that has space for items that you will use regularly. You don’t want a cluttered countertop that ruins the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Choose Accessories Wisely

You may have selected materials that are excellent on their own but clash horribly when together. For instance, install towel bars that coordinate with your faucets. Invest in an expensive soap dispenser instead of an old plastic one that will look drab with your new stone countertop.

Install Two-Inch Drain Pipe

This small improvement will have a massive impact on your bathroom functionality. Typical PVC pipes are 1.5” or less in diameter, which makes them prone to clogging, especially if the bathroom is being used by many people. A 2” pipe will cost about the same but improve the drainage of your bathroom.

Handle the Painting Work by Yourself

This will save you a lot on labour costs which you can spend on splurging on better accessories for your bathroom. Plus, bathroom spaces are small, so it won’t take much time, effort, or paint for you to finish the job on your own. You will also be free to add personalized touches to your paint job.


Planning bathroom updates are not that difficult if tackled systematically. If you plan to DIY the whole process, take one project at a time. Consider what your bathroom needs first, the budget you are aiming for, and the time you are willing to spare.

With effort and good budgeting skills, the aesthetically pleasing bathroom can become your favourite part of the house.


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