What the Gilmore Girls Houses Would Cost In Real Life

November 23, 2016

For Gilmore Girls fans worldwide, the countdown is officially on for the four part revival Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life coming to Netflix later this week (25th November).

Although the popular show originally wrapped up in 2007 after seven seasons, the characters and small details that make up life in Stars Hollow have stayed fresh in mind.

For those who love the show, the fictional town of Stars Hollow is the ideal place to live with its eccentric but lovable residents, monthly town meetings, the iconic rotunda in the town square, the culinary delicacies of Luke’s diner and Al’s Pancake World, Miss Patty’s dance school and everyone’s favourite fast-talking mother and daughter duo.

But if Stars Hollow were real, could you actually afford to live there?

Thanks to research from Trulia on the real cost of some of the town’s favourite homes, you can now find out.

All in the name of preparation for Friday, of course.

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Lorelai and Rory’s two bedroom house

This two bedroom, two bathroom house is the property we see most of in the show.

With its distinct cottage feel, many fans feel like they’ve spent hours relaxing on Lorelai’s couch watching a film with the pair, or eating takeaway with them in the kitchen (never a home cooked meal, of course, unless it’s pop tarts).

You can be sure that Luke’s remodel of the home in season six added some value, making it worth $603,000 in real life ($445,000 USD).

There have been questions of how Lorelai could afford such a beautiful home on a single income.

Considering the additional expenses of everyday life (including her takeaway and coffee addictions) and her famously refusing financial help from wealthy parents Richard and Emily, it’s quite unlikely that Lorelai could afford such a place if it were real life.

Luke’s studio apartment

While lacking the homeliness of Lorelai’s house, the studio apartment that Luke remodelled to share with nephew Jesse would be our pick.

Not only as it is more affordable with a $232,000 price tag ($171,000 USD) but because it’s situated right above Luke’s diner… his infamous coffee and pancakes would be just a short walk downstairs each morning!

Lane and Zach’s one bedroom house

This one bedroom, one bathroom home was the original share house of Hep Alien band members Lane, Zach and Brian. As the only girl, Lane took the bedroom while the two boys slept in bunk beds in the living room.

Now that Lane and Zach are married with twins, we wonder if they’re still in their one bedroom home or have upgraded to something more family friendly. In any case this house would be worth $224,000 ($165,000 USD) in real life.

Sookie and Jackson’s three bedroom house

With two kids Davey and Martha, an onsite greenhouse for produce grower Jackson and a kitchen large enough for all of chef Sookie’s ingredients it’s no wonder Sookie and Jackson need this big Stars Hollow home.

Unsurprisingly, their beautiful home comes in with the greatest real life value of $928,000 ($685,000 USD).

While no figures were made available for Richard and Emily’s house, it’s probably safe to say their Hartford mansion would be out of reach for many of us anyway.

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