How To Know When You’ve Found the Right House To Buy

November 20, 2017
right house to buy

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have some experience, finding and buying the right house can be a long and complicated process.

Creating a checklist that will guide you through the search is something you’ll find really helpful at the very beginning of the quest.

It’s crucial to know your demands and learn where you can compromise and where you need to follow your wishes strictly.

Are you looking for a smaller house, a spacious one or are you, willing to change your mind and go for an apartment?

The ultimate control is in your hands. You should be well prepared in order to do this in a reasonable amount of time and to stop your emotions taking over.

Here are a few things you need to do to find the right house for you.

Find a reliable agent

Sure, you can browse through ads online and explore all the options available on the web, but keep in mind that the best houses are almost always something you can find only through real estate agencies.

While the boxes you use to filter your results are great, they can’t compare to the information a good realtor has.

This will save you a lot of time given that they will show you only the houses they know are an adequate fit for you.

Experienced realtors know how to negotiate a lower price and can even see if the owners are willing to fix any problems in the house before you buy it.

Location, location, location

You may think you’ll be willing to drive a longer distance to work every day, but will you really?

Imagine yourself repeating that routine twice a day and on top of that, also driving your children to school and picking them up later.

When you find the house you’re ready to make an offer for, be sure to check the neighborhood and see if there’s any public transport and buses that pass near your home.

You should take note of your family’s schedule and calculate the distance to school and work.

Also, be sure to compare the pros and cons of living in an urban area or the countryside.

Explore the house

Think of every possible thing you didn’t like in your old house and how the new home compares or resolves these issues.

Is the reason for your move a need for more space, did you want a different layout, or maybe you dreamt about moving to a better neighborhood?

Take all of this into consideration and see which of your demands this house fulfills.

Be prepared to make some compromises and think of the renovations that might help you adjust the house to your needs.

Don’t seek perfection but think outside the box and don’t give up on a house just because of one small thing or two.

Try to visualise yourself living there

Can you stand in the living room and see you and your family hanging out here? Can you picture yourselves enjoying a meal in the dining room?

If you walk into a room and can almost immediately imagine wall colours, furniture arrangement and holiday celebrations taking place there, this is a great sign.

It’s not all about the decorations, but about the memories you’ll be making here, too.

Find a house with an amazing home design and a layout that suits your needs.

It’s a project you searched for

Some people like to buy furnished houses and simply move in with nothing else but their suitcases. If, however, you are the type who likes to tear everything down and rebuild it room by room, then you’ll be looking for a home that’s suitable for renovation work.

This is not just about aesthetics but the structure and bones of a house, and this needs to be considered carefully, ideally with the assistance of a building inspector.

If you’re an experienced renovator you should also get a feel when you enter the house if it is something you can work with or if it requires too much extra work.

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Article provided by Emma Joyce.

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Our AI match engine will match you with over 150,000+ properties and you can swipe away or shortlist easily. Making your home buying journey faster and easier.