Does My Rental Property Need A Fire-Rated Ceiling Brisbane?

October 29, 2022
Does My Rental Property Need a Fire-Rated Ceiling Brisbane

When living on a rental property in Australia, you enjoy several rights and benefits to spend your time in comfort. Several laws in place prevent landlords from interfering too much and give them the responsibility to keep you as comfortable as possible.

However, as a tenant, you still have a few responsibilities in addition to paying your due rent on time. One of them is ensuring fire and storm safety for your property. That’s where a fire-rated ceiling comes in.

If you’ve ever asked, ‘Does my rental property need a fire-rated ceiling Brisbane?’ this guide can help you decide on the best choice of ceiling. It affects the price of the property you own or are planning to buy in the near future with a mortgage.

What is a fire-rated ceiling?

Does My Rental Property Need A Fire-Rated Ceiling Brisbane

In passive fire protection, a ceiling is defined as a lining along the roof’s supporting framework. Typically, it is not part of the basic structure but the finish you apply to the exposed portion of the top or the base of the floor above.

As such, it plays a significant role in temperature control and preventing the spread of fires. For tenants and homeowners alike, it is imperative to understand when asking, ‘does my rental property need a fire-rated ceiling Brisbane?’ The ceiling should retain its fireproofing properties through all weather conditions .

The horizontal compartmentation is crucial as it avoids spreading fire and hot gases from one floor to another. That gives enough time to the inhabitants in the upper part of the building (which is the most dangerous in case of a fire) to escape in a safe and calm manner.

Does a ceiling need to be fire rated?

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), fire rated ceiling systems are compulsory for any Brisbane real estate within the state’s jurisdiction. The latest version is available on the Australian Building Codes’ official website.

The code describes the Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) for any residential property in Queensland. It is a set of numbers represented as S1/S2/S3 for any component, including the ceiling. These numbers denote the following information.

  • S1: The first number is structural adequacy. It is the ability to maintain ample load-bearing capacity and keep the component stable.
  • S2: The second numeral denotes insulation. The higher this rating, the longer it takes for heat or hot gases to pass through the surface.
  • S3: The third number denotes the ability to maintain a certain temperature over the whole of the unexposed surface. It can be the room temperature in most cases.

For example, a ceiling is considered fire retardant appropriately if it has an FRL of 60/60/60. Of course, those acceptance standards can also vary with the type of building. In addition to the FRLs, the ceiling material is also rated for fire hazard properties and Resistance to Incipient Spread of Fire (RISF).

When is a fire-rated ceiling required?

Does My Rental Property Need A Fire-Rated Ceiling Brisbane

While any ceiling may have a certain level of fireproofing, you require an excellent fire-rated overhead structure if your rental residence fulfils any of the conditions mentioned below.

  • Your home has high-capacity heat sources such as furnaces and blowtorches or any fire hazards from the storage of volatile materials.
  • Your residence is present in an area with a high chance of wildfires.
  • You live in a multi-storey building far away from emergency fire response.
  • You have a public space, such as a bar or club, within the same grounds as your residence.
  • You have industrial-standard equipment in close vicinity to your home.
  • You have a plan for cutting down trees on your property in Brisbane.

Advantages of a fire-rated ceiling

Besides the apparent advantage of fire safety, a fire-rated ceiling brings several benefits when buying state-own property in Brisbane.

  1. Fire rated ceiling systems are more robust and can withstand heavier loads.
  2. The increased insulation prevents water, leaves, or other undesirable elements from sneaking into the house, even during a storm.
  3. Fire-rated ceilings can retain their paint finish for longer without maintenance.
  4. In the case of roof construction ceilings, it is easier to add accessories such as lamps and pots without worrying about fatigue.

Types of fire rated ceiling systems

Depending on your property’s location, you might require a specific ceiling system to keep up with your state’s applicable building code. If you find yourself asking, “Does my rental property need a fire-rated ceiling Brisbane?” you can consider the following ceiling systems.

Incombustible or low combustible ceilings

The primary purpose of incombustible ceilings is to inhibit the spread of fire. They consist of several layers that slow down the fire as it spreads upwards while also reducing the fire load by directing the temperature away from the room.

Suspended ceilings

These ceilings, often referred to as horizontal protective membranes can contribute to fire protection standards while managing heavy loads of beams and connecting pillars. Depending on their exact composition, they can hold out the spread of fire for one hour (R 60) or more.

Roof construction ceilings

Does My Rental Property Need A Fire-Rated Ceiling Brisbane

Unlike other types of ceilings, roof construction ceilings are considered part of the house structure. That includes the roof framework, pillars, load bearings, and the bottom membrane. Those ceilings often possess the most strength and allow you to add any augments without sacrificing integrity.

Independent ceilings (ceiling membranes)

The ceiling is a non-load-bearing element of a building construction designed to provide horizontal fire separation. It has a stand-alone fire resistance rating and is used to protect from a fire spreading from below or above.

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