Can a Granny Flat Be Rented Out in Brisbane?

September 13, 2022
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Apartments for rent in Brisbane are notoriously hard to come by, so it’s little surprise that sublets are one of the massive Brisbane property market trends to help homeowners bump up their income! However, it’s important to understand all of the legalities and to have an appropriate licence if you want to rent a granny flat to anybody other than an immediate family member.

In this article, we’ll run through some tips for renting out property in Brisbane and explain the rules on granny flats and where you can and can’t rent these out.

What Are the Rules for Renting a Brisbane Granny Flat?

If you’re trying to find a house with a granny flat to rent, remember that the regulations for property rentals vary between regions and cities. So, even if you’ve rented out a granny flat before, it’s not necessarily allowed in Brisbane. The rules as they stand are that:

  • You need to apply for a Development Application (if you’re building a new granny flat) or a licence that approves your property for dual occupancy.
  • Granny flats in Queensland can be up to ninety square metres, and plans must be submitted to the Council before any tenancy begins.
  • The granny flat needs at least one designated parking space and a separate entrance from your main property–you can let out a room, but that’s a slightly different type of tenancy.

You can access further guidance from Brisbane City Council explaining when you need multiple dwelling permission, depending on your residential zone and the size of the accommodation.

It’s also important to check how much of your plot is taken up by the granny flat; you might be able to gain approval without a Development Application if you’re in a certain zone or a specific neighbourhood plan applies.

Pros and Cons of Renting Out a Granny Flat

Can a Granny Flat Be Rented Out in Brisbane?

There are tons of great reasons to rent out a granny flat, not least that you can supplement your income, make use of an empty apartment, and offer quality living accommodation to a tenant!

Provided you have a proper tenancy agreement in place and comply with the Brisbane city regulations, there is no reason you can’t rent out a granny flat, but the hoops you’ll need to jump through change quite a bit if you’re renting to somebody outside of your family.

Smaller homes such as granny flats have exploded in popularity, with 41% of these micro properties found in rural residential areas and 17% in major city suburbs.

It’s well worth speaking to a Brisbane property expert before you make any decisions, and our Soho real estate professionals can answer questions about the licensing costs and the rent you could expect to charge.

Once you’ve got all your agreements in place and are ready to go, you’ll not have to go through the application again–provided nothing changes–so, a granny flat may be a long-term way to make your property pay for itself or provide a safe living space for a loved one right on your doorstep.

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