Boosting Your Home’s Value: Painting Projects with the Highest ROI

April 9, 2024
Boosting Your Home's Value: Painting Projects with the Highest ROI

Whether you’re keen to sell your home soon or just want to give its value a boost, a fresh coat of paint is one of the smartest and most effective investments you can make. But not all paint jobs are equal.

To get the most bang for your buck, target the areas of your home that’ll give you the best return on investment (ROI). Let’s dig into where adding a bit of paint can seriously up the value of your Aussie property.

First Impressions Count: Exterior Painting

Your home’s exterior paint is its first impression, and a tired, flaky one can drag down its value big time. A fresh coat of top-quality paint, slapped on by a pro, makes a huge difference to your street appeal. Focus on modern but neutral colours that’ll suit most buyers. Pay special attention to:

  • Front Door: A splash of colour here can make your entryway pop.
  • Trim & Shutters: Give these a refresh for a neat and tidy look.
  • Garage Door: Don’t forget this big, obvious surface.

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Revamping your kitchen can seriously increase its appeal, and painting your cabinets is way more budget-friendly than a full reno. Go for classic colours like white, warm greys, or a classy dark blue – they always impress buyers.

Make sure you prep everything properly – sanding and priming is key for a flawless, professional finish. Chucking on some new hardware adds an extra touch of class.

Brighten Things Up: Interior Walls

Grotty walls can make a home feel smaller and less inviting. A fresh coat of paint in light, neutral tones will instantly brighten up rooms and create a clean, modern look. If you’re selling soon, stick to versatile colours that let potential buyers see themselves living there.

For your own enjoyment, have a crack at bolder accent walls in bedrooms or living areas. If you aren’t sure what colours to choose, or if you are nervous to pick up a paint brush yourself, it’s best to reach out to a respected professional painter, like the team at

More Than Just Walls: Uplifting Extras

Don’t limit yourself to the usual painting spots. Give your home a lift and boost its value by tackling these often-overlooked areas:

  • Ceilings: A grubby white ceiling can make the whole room feel blah. A fresh coat brightens everything up.
  • Dated Fixtures: Think old-school light fittings or worn-out doorknobs. A quick spray of metallic paint can work wonders.
  • Fences and Decking: Liven up your outdoor areas with paint or stain, making them more appealing and adding value to your property.

A Note on Getting the Pros In

While a bit of DIY painting can save you cash, some jobs are better left to the professionals. Exterior painting, especially, needs the right skills and gear to get a smooth and long-lasting finish. If your kitchen cabinets are looking worse for wear, a professional respray can make a massive difference. When in doubt, a chat with a good painter can help you decide the best way forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does painting add value to your home?

Absolutely! Here’s a concise and informative answer to the question “does painting add value to your home”:

Yes, painting your home can definitely add value. Here’s why:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A fresh coat of paint, particularly on your home’s exterior, increases its visual appeal and instantly creates a positive first impression on potential buyers.
  • Modernised Interior: Painting tired walls with fresh, neutral colours brightens up rooms and makes your home feel more modern and inviting.
  • Increased Protection: A new layer of paint protects your home’s interior and exterior surfaces from wear and tear, potentially extending the lifespan of its structural elements.
  • Cost-Effective Improvement: Compared to major renovations, painting is a relatively affordable way to make a significant impact on your home’s overall appearance.

While not all painting projects will add equal value, focusing on high-impact areas like the kitchen, exterior, and front door is a smart way to boost your property’s appeal and potentially increase its resale value.

Does painting trim white increase home value?

Painting your trim white can potentially increase your home value, but it’s not a guaranteed slam dunk. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  • Bright and Modern Look: White trim creates a clean, airy feel and complements various design styles. This can be particularly appealing to a broad range of potential buyers who may have different furniture and decor preferences.
  • Increased Spaciousness: White reflects light, making rooms appear larger and more open. This is especially beneficial in smaller homes or rooms with limited natural light.
  • Enhanced Contrast: White trim can create a nice contrast with darker wall colours, highlighting architectural details and adding visual interest to the space.


  • Upkeep Considerations: White trim shows dirt and scuffs more easily than darker colours. This may require more frequent cleaning and touch-ups, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Not for All Styles: While versatile, white trim might not suit all architectural styles. For instance, some traditional homes may benefit from stained wood trim to maintain their character.
  • Following Trends: While white is currently popular, painting trends can change. If you plan to sell soon, a neutral but slightly warmer white might be a safer choice.

Reap the Rewards

Choosing the right painting projects for your Aussie home can do wonders for its value, whether you’re looking to sell in the near future or simply want to maximise your long-term investment. With a bit of planning and the right execution, you’ll get a better return and create a home that you, and potential buyers, will absolutely love.

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