Best Primary Schools in Melbourne: 2024 Guide

January 5, 2024
best primary schools in melbourne

Key takeaways:

  • Melbourne is home to some of the best primary schools in Australia.
  • Top institutions prioritize a holistic approach to learning, emphasizing both academics and extracurriculars.
  • When choosing a school, consider its academic performance, NAPLAN results, and overall student experience.
  • Proximity to the chosen school can also influence property value in Melbourne’s suburbs.
  • Beyond the top-ranking schools, Melbourne boasts many other commendable institutions.

Melbourne, often referred to as the hub of some of the best schools in Australia, is home to many esteemed educational institutions. For parents keen on finding the best primary school for their children, We’ve created a list of Best Primary Schools in Melbourne.

As we dive into 2024, it’s crucial to update ourselves with the latest in the Melbourne educational scene.


In Melbourne, primary school education lays the foundation for a child’s academic journey. The city, renowned for its premium education standards, has numerous schools that prioritize a child’s holistic development. But why is Melbourne’s primary education so sought after?

Melbourne has a history of placing emphasis on both academic performance and extracurricular engagement. Parents in 2023 have realized the significance of striking a balance, making the best schools in Melbourne the ideal choice.

Spotlight on the Top Primary Schools in Melbourne

When discussing the cream of the crop of primary schools in Melbourne, a select few names inevitably rise to the top. These institutions have made their mark not just in Melbourne, but across the whole of Vic. Here’s a closer look at these prestigious primary schools:

Camberwell Grammar School:

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Camberwell Grammar School has been synonymous with academic excellence for many years. Apart from its stellar NAPLAN results, this school is renowned for its approach to holistic education.

The nurturing environment ensures that students are well-prepared, not just academically, but also emotionally and socially, to face the challenges of the world outside.

Trinity Grammar School:

best primary schools in melbourne
Trinity Grammar School | By KerrywayAve at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

Established in 1903, Trinity Grammar School has a rich history of providing quality education. Situated in Kew, Melbourne, the school places a strong emphasis on the overall development of its students.

Apart from a robust academic structure, the school also prides itself on its sports programs, cultural activities, and community involvement initiatives.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC):

PLC is more than just a school; it’s an institution that has empowered countless young women since its inception in 1875. Located in Burwood, the school has consistently been one of the top-performing schools in NAPLAN results.

With its strong emphasis on leadership, service, and character development, PLC ensures that its students grow into confident, competent, and compassionate individuals.

Haileybury College:

best primary schools in melbourne
Haileybury College / Forkbeard63, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

As one of the largest schools in the Asia-Pacific region, Haileybury College has campuses sprawled across Melbourne, including Berwick, Brighton, and Keysborough.

The school boasts a strong commitment to academic excellence, showcased by its consistently high NAPLAN and VCE results. Haileybury’s global perspective on education, combined with its focus on individualized student growth, makes it a top choice for many families.

Carey Grammar School:

Situated in Kew, Carey Grammar School is known for its balanced approach to education. While its academic achievements are noteworthy, the school also prioritizes extracurricular activities, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded experience.

Carey’s ethos revolves around fostering a community where students, staff, and families come together to create an environment conducive to learning and personal growth.

Each of these schools, while unique in its approach, shares a common goal: to provide students with the best possible primary education, preparing them for future success in both their academic pursuits and personal endeavors, whether in public institutions or best private schools in Melbourne.

The Criteria: How Were These Schools Ranked?

Every ranking has a methodology, and when it comes to best primary schools in Melbourne, several factors come into play. One cannot simply go by NAPLAN results or the number of students enrolled in best public schools in Melbourne.

Firstly, academic results form a significant portion of the ranking. This includes not just NAPLAN, but also various other standardized tests scores. Secondly, the variety and quality of extracurricular activities can make or break a school’s reputation.

A school that offers a myriad of opportunities outside the classroom often stands out. Lastly, the overall student experience, encompassing student satisfaction, teacher-student ratios, and school culture, plays a pivotal role in determining a school’s rank.

Real Estate: A Peek into Properties Around These Prestigious Institutions

Finding the best primary school for your child in Melbourne isn’t the only concern; proximity plays a crucial role too. After all, living near the school of your choice has its perks.

For instance, properties around Camberwell Grammar School or Haileybury College are in high demand, given the school’s reputation. By opting for homes near these institutions, not only do parents ensure a shorter commute for their children, but they also invest in a high-value real estate asset.

Moreover, the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, particularly around schools like Balwyn Primary School, have seen a steady rise in property value over the years.

Which Suburb Has the Best Primary Schools in Melbourne?

Melbourne, with its rich tapestry of neighborhoods and educational facilities, has several suburbs that stand out when it comes to primary education. Here are five suburbs often regarded as the best for primary schools in Melbourne:


best primary schools in melbourne

House for sale in Camberwell VIC

Home to esteemed institutions like Camberwell Grammar School and Camberwell Girls Grammar School, this leafy eastern suburb of Melbourne is often considered a hub for academic excellence.

Beyond the notable schools, the serene, family-friendly environment and beautiful heritage homes make Camberwell a top choice for many families prioritizing primary education.

Check out more real estate in Camberwell VIC.


best primary schools in melbourne

House for sale in Kew East

Synonymous with high-quality education, Kew is the domicile for revered schools such as Trinity Grammar School and Carey Grammar School.

Beyond the educational accolades, Kew charms residents with its tree-lined streets, historical architecture, and a close-knit community vibe. For families who value primary education, Kew is undeniably a sought-after locale.

Check out more real estate in Kew East VIC.


Apartment for sale in Brighton, VIC

While Brighton is often celebrated for its beachside appeal, it’s also a beacon of educational prowess. The Brighton campus of Haileybury College is a testament to the suburb’s commitment to top-tier primary education.

Families residing in Brighton enjoy the dual luxury of coastal living and access to some of Melbourne’s most prestigious primary schools.

Check out more properties for sale in Brighton VIC 3186.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is balwyn-melbourne-vic-2-1024x683.jpeg
House for sale in Balwyn VIC

Nestled just east of Melbourne’s bustling CBD, Balwyn is a testament to educational distinction. Its primary schools consistently achieve impressive NAPLAN results, making it a popular choice for discerning families.

Apart from the academic scene, Balwyn offers a tranquil, residential atmosphere, making it an appealing enclave for those seeking a balance of city proximity and peaceful living.

Check out more real estate in Balwyn VIC.


House for sale in Burwood, VIC.

The allure of Burwood often lies in its educational institutions, with schools like the Presbyterian Ladies’ College leading the way in primary education.

But it’s not just the schools that make Burwood special. This suburb offers a harmonious blend of urban convenience and suburban calm, making it an ideal setting for families and young learners.

Check out more real estate in Burwood VIC 3125.

For families considering a move to Melbourne or a change within the city, these suburbs represent some of the finest primary education opportunities in the region.

Each of these suburbs, with their unique offerings and top-tier primary schools, makes Melbourne one of the premier cities for primary education in Australia. Parents looking to give their children a head start often turn to these neighborhoods to ensure a bright academic future.

Beyond Rankings: Other Notable Primary Schools in Melbourne

While the spotlight often falls on the top primary schools, Melbourne has numerous other institutions worthy of mention. The best primary school for one child might differ from another based on individual needs and preferences.

For instance, the Wheelers Hill Primary School or the Beverley Hills Primary School might offer a particular program or approach to learning that resonates more with certain students. It’s essential for parents to delve deep, visit multiple schools, and gauge which environment best suits their child.

Conclusion: Tailoring Education to Your Child’s Needs

Remember, rankings and reputation, while essential, should not be the only criteria when choosing a primary school in Melbourne for your child. The teaching and learning approach, the school community vibe, and the opportunities provided to students play a significant role in shaping young minds.

Every child is unique, and as we advance into 2024, the emphasis is on personalized learning experiences. Melbourne’s primary schools are dedicated to providing learning opportunities that foster every student’s individual growth.

It’s about ensuring that all students have the opportunity to flourish in a nurturing environment, be it in best high schools in Melbourne or esteemed primary institutions.

More on best primary schools in Melbourne

What is the best public primary school in Melbourne Australia?

The best public primary school in Melbourne Australia is Serpell Primary School. It is located in Templestowe and has a NAPLAN ranking of 98.8 out of 100.

What is the most popular primary school in Australia?

The most popular primary school in Australia is Sydney Grammar School. It is located in Sydney and has over 2,000 students.

What is the best age to start school in Australia?

The best age to start school in Australia is 5 years old. However, some children may be ready to start school earlier or later, depending on their individual development.

Can a foreign child go to public school in Australia?

Yes, a foreign child can go to public school in Australia. However, they may have to pay tuition fees, depending on their visa status.

Here are the requirements for foreign children to attend public schools in Australia:

  • They must have a valid visa that allows them to study in Australia.
  • They must be enrolled in a school that accepts international students.
  • They may have to pay tuition fees, depending on their visa status.

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