How To Best Present Your Listing

August 2, 2018
Styled property for sale

Property inspections should leave lasting impressions on potential buyers – for all the right reasons.

It’s important that you present your listing at its best and highlight the property’s good features while subtly drawing attention away from any less than impressive aspects.

While you should suggest that your vendors make cosmetic changes to your listing such as replacing outdated light fittings and ensuring the lounge suite complements the wall colour, it’s important not to deceive potential buyers.

Hiding a hole in the wall by hanging a painting over it or concealing a water leak can not only cause huge reputational damage but it could even lead to legal action from unknowing buyers.

Encourage the vendor to fix any underlying issues before selling by informing them of the potential for a subsequent sale price increase.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when presenting your listing to potential buyers.

Get the styling up to scratch

How To Best Present Your Listing

Consistent, neutral styling makes all the difference to a property’s appeal and avoids dividing opinion.

Beige, white and cream tones are safe colours to stick to when selling and tend to match most existing furniture and décor that a buyer may intend to bring to the home.

If your listing is filled with outdated décor and worn out furniture, it’s likely to both devalue the property and deter buyers.

In this case, you could suggest using a professional property stylist to ensure modern, clean furniture and décor.

If a client refuses to part with that loud orange sofa in the living room, encourage them to keep that as a feature piece in the space and not introduce any clashing colours or crazy patterns.

Don’t forget the senses

How To Best Present Your Listing

We all know the feeling of walking into a musty, stale smelling house and instantly making assumptions about its cleanliness.

Don’t underestimate the power of smell. It can mean the difference between impressing or offending buyers.

On the morning of inspections, have your vendors open up the windows to allow fresh air to circulate through the house.

Ask them to place fresh smelling oil diffusers or candles around the property in places like the bathroom and entryway, being careful to avoid sickly sweet smells such as vanilla or strong florals which can give people a headache.

A citrus smell is much more appealing to the masses and is associated with cleanliness – that definitely can’t hurt when your listing is filled with potential buyers.

De-personalise the property

House styled for sale

One of the most important things to avoid when presenting your listing is over-personalisation. When potential buyers walk into a home, they want to feel welcome and relaxed.

This is what will encourage them to look around and explore what the property has to offer. If there’s one thing that is sure to deter potential buyers at an inspection, it’s walking into a property that feels like someone else’s home.

Although this can be a sensitive subject for your vendors, explain to them that buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in a property and personal items and family photos are a big turn off.

In fact, seeing other people’s personal belongings in a home makes buyers feel as if they are encroaching on someone else’s personal space and is a cue to leave.

Ask your vendor to ensure personal belongings are stored away, the letterbox is free of mail and family photos are taken down while inspections and marketing photos take place.

Ensure the property is well lit

As always, the importance of a light-filled property cannot be overstated.

Light makes any room feel larger, cleaner and just generally a nicer space to spend time.

Natural light is proven to make us feel happier and works wonders in uplifting drab spaces.

Blinds should be open and all lights and lamps should be switched on to bring as much light to the property as possible.

If there is still not enough lighting in a room, suggest that your vendor makes a quick trip to the shops to pick up some lamps – making sure to get the same colour light as the others in the property.

This is an extremely affordable way of adding instant appeal and value to any property.

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