Alice Springs Takes The Crown: Most Dangerous City In Australia

March 17, 2023
most dangerous city in australia

Key takeaways:

    • Alice Springs is the most dangerous city in Australia due to its high crime rates.

    • Criminal activities such as street gangs, alcohol-related crimes, thefts, and sexual assaults contribute to the high crime rates in Alice Springs.

    • Local authorities need to take immediate action to address the root causes of crime in the town to make it safer for residents and tourists.

If you are about to visit Australia or live there, you should know about the crime rates in different regions. Australia is generally considered a safe country with low crime rates.  But what is the most dangerous city in Australia?

The country has a well-developed economic system which brings prosperity and political stability. Numerous people choose Australia as their go-to place for work and study due to the low rate of natural disasters. 

People in major cities have the liberty to focus on their lifestyles and goals without fretting about any instability. However, certain Australian regions have recently been detected on the high crime index.

Like every place, there is good and bad. Even Brisbane’s worst suburbs can be high in crime. But what’s important is to stay vigilant. Keep your home safe by being prepared.

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Northern territories

The Northern territory in Australia is notorious for organised syndicates. These criminal groups commit crimes against individuals or groups of people. The latest police reports show statistics for all sorts of frequent criminal activities. 

The region is known for assaults such as domestic, alcohol-related, and sexual assaults. Other forms of crime, which include murder, robbery, break-ins, theft, and vandalism, also exist on the crime index.

Crime index

The percentage of crime rates has significantly increased from 2021 to 2022. The list of offenders and wanted people continues to expand.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is arguably one of the most dangerous cities in Australia. It is a remote town on the developmental journey of becoming a city. The suburban landscape is home to a massive population.

Many tourists visit attraction sites to get a glimpse of the indigenous Australian culture. In contrast to its picture-perfect metropolitan area, violent crime lingers in the alleys and streets of the most dangerous city in the north.

Criminal activities in Alice Springs

All kinds of criminal activities contribute to the high crime rates in Alice Springs.

Street gangs

In Alice Springs, young children and teenagers roam the streets and have formed gangs that engage in minor criminal activities like pickpocketing. However, these vulnerable youths have also been victims of various assaults.

Some reports state they have been through alcohol-related, domestic, and sexual abuse. These events have put such dark shades on their minds that they are further sinking into the muddy puddles of crime each day. 

The residents can see these gangs in their neighbourhoods and the markets. Most also express fear as there is a possibility that these seemingly harmless children can violate the dignity of a human being.

Alcohol-related crimes

most dangerous city in australia

In the Northern territories, there has been a ban on alcohol since 2007. The government took these measures to reduce alcohol-related crimes. However, in recent years the ban was lifted. 

The change promoted the use and trading of alcohol across all northern territories, including Alice Springs. Citizens speculate that various communities are now at risk of being victims of criminals’ more intense violent behaviour. 

The validity of legal protection granted to these people and the restraining orders given to drunkard criminals are now also at stake. Moreover, the results of lifting these bans have become quite pronounced in the dangerous city of Alice Springs. 

In 2022, the crime index of vandalism, break-ins, and theft increased, making Alice Springs the most dangerous city in Australia. According to the crime statistics agency, more than a 50% rise is observed in different offenses.

Thefts in Alice Springs

most dangerous city in australia

Thefts are one of the most common crimes in Alice Springs. Tourists and residents alike risk having their valuables stolen by pickpockets and thieves.

In fact, according to recent crime statistics, thefts have increased by over 50% in Alice Springs in 2022 in some of the worst neighbourhoods in Australia. This alarming trend has left many residents feeling unsafe and has prompted local law enforcement to take action to address the issue.

Rapes in Alice Springs

Another major concern in Alice Springs is sexual assault, particularly against women. The town has one of the highest rates of sexual assault in the country, with many incidents occurring in public places.

This has led to a sense of fear among women, resulting in calls for greater police presence and increased safety measures in the community.

Leverage for criminals

Alice Springs’ high crime rate has provided leverage for criminals looking to exploit the vulnerable population. With many people living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet, criminals often see them as easy targets.

This has created a vicious cycle of crime and poverty in the town. This makes it difficult for law enforcement to keep the crime rate under control.

Related questions

What crime is committed the most in Australia?

The most commonly committed crime in Australia is theft. From the worst suburbs in Sydney to most isolated parts of South Australia, this seems to be the biggest occurence. This includes a variety of types of the crime such as shoplifting, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.

Which state in Australia has the most murders?

According to recent statistics, the state in Australia with the highest number of murders is New South Wales. However, it’s important to note that the overall crime rate in Australia is relatively low compared to many other countries.

Why is crime so high in Alice Springs?

Alice Springs has a high crime rate for several reasons. Some factors that contribute to this include high rates of poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, and a large transient population. Additionally, the town’s isolation and limited law enforcement resources can make it difficult to address and prevent crime effectively.

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