7 Ideas To Transform Your Home Into A More Relaxing Space 

July 10, 2024
7 Ideas To Transform Your Home Into A More Relaxing Space 

Your home is meant to be your haven, a place where you can kick back, unwind, and leave the stresses of the outside world behind. But how often do you actually feel relaxed in your own living space?

Between the clutter, the noise, and the consistent distractions, it can be a challenge to truly chill out and relax at home. In fact, a 2022 survey found that a staggering 58% of people experience stress and anxiety brought on by their own messy homes.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few simple tweaks and some intentional design, you can recreate your home into the serene sanctuary you’ve been craving.

From embracing minimalism to incorporating natural elements, there are countless strategies to create a more calming, restorative environment right where you live. Ready to learn how to turn your humble abode into the ultimate relaxation station? Let’s start.

Declutter and organise

The first step towards a minimalist and relaxing oasis is to declutter. After all, it’s hard to start rearranging and decorating when you’re still drowning in clutter.

So, go through your existing belongings and eliminate anything that is broken or you no longer use or need regularly. Once you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, invest in some smart storage solutions next; this keeps the remaining essentials organised and out of sight.

Add custom entertainment units

The living room is often the hub of household activity and entertainment source of the family. But sometimes, a messy entertainment area can make the whole space less relaxing and more chaotic. You’d be surprised how most of the household members would rather spend their free time somewhere else than in your living room! 

So, consider investing in custom entertainment units to organise and streamline your media setup. These customised, built-in cabinets can provide stylish, out-of-sight storage for your streaming devices, electronic games, and other media accessories.

Use cool and calming colours

One of the important things to remember when trying to create a relaxing space is to keep things simple and serene, and that includes your choice of colours.

You’d be amazed at how much of an impact something as basic as colour can have on your stress levels. Colour theory claims that using cool shades like light blue or white can promote calmness, reduce stress, and lower a person’s heart rate.

So, ditch those bold, in-your-face hues and embrace a more muted, tranquil palette as the foundation for your chill-out zones. Instead, let creamy whites, soothing tans, and understated greys blanket your living space and immediately set a more relaxed tone.

Then, you can bring in pops of richer colour here and there with things like throw pillows, artwork, or an accent wall. But keep those punches of pigment to a minimum, as you want them to be accents, not the stars of the show.

Bring some natural elements

Do you get that feeling of total calm whenever you’re out in nature? You can feel that same serenity and bring it right into your own home by incorporating simple natural touches!

Studies suggest that being surrounded by indoor plants can reduce headaches and physical fatigue by 20% to 25%. The same source also says that having plants indoors can boost moods and productivity.

So, why not add some living, breathing plants into your relaxing spaces? You can put a few potted plant babies around your reading nook, living room, or bedroom to quickly make it feel more grounded and rejuvenating.

Then, look for ways to layer in other natural elements like warm wooden furnishings, rough-hewn stone accents, or even just some pretty pebbles or shells in a decorative bowl. These organic textures and reminders of the outdoors will bring a back-to-nature atmosphere to your own four walls. 

Make use of natural light

7 Ideas To Transform Your Home Into A More Relaxing Space 

During the day, keep those curtains and blinds open wide to let that glorious sunshine pour in. If you have a room that doesn’t get much natural light, you can get strategic with mirrors.

Consider angling a large mirror across from the window to reflect and bounce those rays all around the space. You can also use smaller mirrors creatively on walls and surfaces to emphasise the light even more.

Making the most of nature’s free luminescence can make your tranquil zones feel so much more luminous. Plus, you get to save on your energy bills due to reduced energy usage.

Add water features

Adding the soothing sounds of running water is a simple yet powerful way to amplify the relaxing vibes in your home. The gentle babbling and trickling create an almost meditative ambience that can instantly quiet busy minds. So, if you want to inject some serene, spa-like tranquillity into your space, an indoor water feature is an excellent solution.

You don’t need an over-the-top setup or a huge fountain, either. Even a small tabletop model with gently flowing water can do the trick beautifully.

With your own mini waterfall providing that peaceful harmony, you’ll have an instant personal oasis for pure relaxation and retreat right at home.

Create a reading space

There’s something inherently relaxing about curling up with a good book. For one, reading allows you to escape the stresses of reality for a little while.

So, to fully immerse yourself in those literary adventures, you’ll need just the right setting. With some clever styling, even an unused corner of a room can be transformed into a peaceful bibliophile’s corner!

Start by positioning a deliciously comfy armchair or loveseat. Warm it up with plush blankets and comfortable pillows. You can also include a small side table for your beverage of choice and perhaps a trendy floor lamp for optimal illumination.

Finally, make sure to add plenty of bookshelf space to showcase your personal library front and centre.


Creating a relaxing home environment isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about nurturing your mental and physical well-being. By incorporating elements like minimalism, natural materials, and cosy nooks, you can transform your living space into a true oasis and reap the benefits of a more relaxed, rejuvenated you!

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