6 Steps to Write a Property Listing Description That Sells

March 30, 2022
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With the rental industry booming at historically high rates in Australia, it is more important than ever to stand out amid a plethora of alternatives with an enticing house description. A well-crafted description is your opportunity to highlight the greatest features of your house and find your perfect client.

Writing a property description that sells requires meticulous planning. In today’s fast-paced world, you may only have a few seconds to capture readers’ attention before they move on to the next option.

Wondering how to best showcase your house and attract a sea of clients? We offer six tips to help you craft a stunning home description that shall win over everyone’s heart.

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Create an eye-catching headline

Headlines are extremely important as they help you attract the attention of clients and urge them to click on your ad. So it’s worthwhile to take the time to condense some of your home’s most appealing attributes into a brief, catchy title. After all, what’s the use of writing a decent copy for your house if nobody reads past the headline?

You may describe your home’s amenities with a few strong adjectives while encouraging prospective clients to keep reading and find out more. Keep your headline succinct and informative, trying to capture the main advantages in one sentence. It’s best to focus on one unique feature of your home to avoid being too general and vague. You could say “elegant home in Canberra with a private roof terrace” or “Large pool—ideal house for summertime pool parties.”

What’s so special about your house? 

property in sydney property listing description

While your headline should be brief and informative, your body content can be a little more creative as you already have the reader’s attention.  By employing fascinating, inventive terminology, you may convince prospective clients that your home is truly special. You should be able to tell your house’s story, sparking people’s interest to schedule a visit. 

Your language’s beauty and power are key components of your marketing approach. In a good property description, words are the paint on the canvas, and the more exquisite the “paint,” the greater the artwork. If you need support with your writing, check out trustworthy dissertation writing services reviews to find the best companies that offer stellar opportunities for boosting your writing skills. 

Use descriptive terms and phrases whenever possible to avoid boring your potential consumers. This works wonderfully for bringing dull descriptions to life. Check out these real estate descriptions that use just the right amount of lofty language and style:

  • “Take a look at this top-floor condo in an all-brick building with a free indoor parking space.”
  • “This freshly restored three-story townhouse boasts modern amenities and an architectural flair that takes one back to La Belle Epoque“.
  • “Nestled in a gorgeous 19-th century building, the house is furnished with graceful living spaces – one with a grand piano for all to play – leading to a gilded library.”
  • “The house features a Renaissance-inspired bar adorned with slanted wood panels and jewellery-like figures. The modern design boasts splashes of luxury and colour!”

Does your property have a large terrace that overlooks a vibrant backyard? Is there anything unique about your home’s design? Maybe you’ve furnished your beds with handcrafted linens that ensure unbothered sleep? Highlight similar features. Whatever your home’s type, it should have at least one distinguishing aspect that sets it apart from other listings in its price range.

Less is more 

While your language should be as descriptive and engaging as possible, leave room for imagination and keep your descriptions brief. More so in today’s ever-accelerating world where people don’t have much time to read ads. Try not to go beyond a word count of about 250. Your house description is not a novel! By being succinct, you can make every word count.

There are several key aspects that buyers always want to be aware of straight away, so be as detailed as possible. Do not forget to mention the address, pricing, number of bathrooms, picturesque views, proximity to local attractions, and more.

Do not oversell 

property listing description

It is critical not to oversell the property in your description. Nothing is more frustrating for a buyer than being falsely persuaded they are about to enter a magical location only to find a cramped, outdated, or uninspiring home. 

Be as truthful as possible. Putting a property up for sale and claiming it’s in “excellent shape” will still scare off clients who discover water damage during a visit. When it comes to renting a home, surprises are never a good thing!

Instead, own up to your house’s defects and portray them in the best possible light. For instance, you could mention a small room in your house while at the same time suggesting ways of using it as a storage space or a closet. In this manner, you can be truthful about your home’s less-than-perfect features while simultaneously showcasing them as potential assets. It’s a win-win for you and your client!

Photographs are key

When it comes to real estate listings, a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure to include some high-quality photographs to support your description.

A crooked photograph in a dimly lit environment is going to ruin your chances of attracting potential clients. Take the time with a decent camera and lighting to capture the finest possible images of your home, giving people a better idea of the place through multiple angles.

Ensure that your home’s distinguishing features are reflected in both: text and photographs. Adding photographs is simple and free, and it greatly boosts your credibility. 

Filming a video tour of your home might help prospective clients form an even better understanding of the surroundings. The bottom line is to deliver as much accurate information as possible in an engaging way.

Include a call to action

If you want to create an effective real estate property listing, a conclusion is just as crucial as the beginning. With the last pitch in your concluding few sentences, you must ignite passion in your readers, compelling them to act right away. You could say: “Retreat from the hectic metropolis to this charming beach town,” or “Enjoy the sun in this beach home paradise.”

It may appear to be a tiny detail, but adding a smart call to action (CTA) as a final touch may heighten the urgency of your listing and compel clients to act quickly. Well-placed CTAs dramatically increase clicks and sales, and there is ample data to back this up.

sydney house for sale

Wrapping Up 

A decent house description may make or break your chances of finding a client. You should dedicate enough effort to outshining the market’s ever-increasing sea of options with engaging content and photographs.

With due preparation, you can create a one-of-a-kind description for your house that will skyrocket your chances of renting/selling your property. We hope our six steps shall help you craft that perfect home description of yours!

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