Why Melbourne for International Students?

June 16, 2023

Key takeaways:

  • Melbourne is renowned as a hub for international students, offering world-class education and liveability.
  • Melbourne boasts an exceptional infrastructure with robust public transport system and job opportunities across various industries.
  • The city provides cultural experiences such as arts & theatre, sporting events, diverse cuisine options along with dedicated support services for international students to ensure successful transition into the city.

Let’s take an exciting journey to answer the question why Melbourne for international students. Well, imagine studying in a city that offers world-class education, a vibrant multicultural atmosphere, excellent infrastructure, and countless cultural experiences.

Sounds like a dream, right? So, let’s explore why this city is so great and when you’re preparing for your move to Australia as an international student, we can help you out there too.

Melbourne: A Hub for International Students

Australia is a great option for international students with the Victorian capital being one of the most popular.

Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia, is one of the best cities to live in Australia for international students thanks to its five top 20 universities and status as a financial hub. The city’s world-class education system attracts a diverse student mix, making it one of the most liveable cities in the world.

With excellent public transport and easy access to other Australian cities, Melbourne offers an ideal environment for international students to focus on their studies while enjoying a rich cultural experience.

Top-Ranked Universities in Melbourne

Melbourne is renowned for its educational excellence. It is home to a cluster of top universities, including RMIT University, The University of Melbourne, Monash University and Deakin University. These institutions offer a wide range of courses across undergraduate and graduate disciplines, catering to the diverse interests and aspirations of international students.

As an international student in Melbourne, you will have full-time support services from your chosen university, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling academic journey. From language learning services to housing assistance, Melbourne universities are committed to helping their students succeed.

Multicultural Environment

Melbourne is a culturally diverse city, with international students hailing from over 170 different countries. Its welcoming environment is further highlighted by its affordable tuition fees and numerous scholarship options. Studying in Melbourne means being a part of a multicultural, inclusive, and safe community, where everyone can feel at home.

In addition to its cultural diversity, Melbourne is a highly safe city, ranking in the top 10 safest cities in the world according to the Economist Safe Cities Index 2019. This secure environment enables international students to focus on their studies while enjoying the city’s many attractions.

Liveable City: Why Melbourne Stands Out

Why Melbourne for International Students

Melbourne’s liveability is a major draw for international students. According to the Global Liveability Index 2022, the city achieved an optimal score of 100/100 for education and infrastructure.

Its impressive safety record and high-quality educational facilities have earned it the title of Australia’s most liveable city.

Safe and Vibrant City

Recognized as the friendliest city in the world by William Russell, Melbourne offers a secure and vibrant atmosphere that appeals to international students. The city’s safety is further enhanced by initiatives such as the Public Transport Safety Initiative, which ensures the protection of passengers on public transport.

Beyond its safety, Melbourne is also renowned for its rich arts and culture scene, offering countless opportunities for international students to explore and enjoy during their study breaks. From its amazing street art to its bustling markets, there’s always something new to discover in Melbourne.

Excellent Infrastructure

Navigating Melbourne is a breeze, thanks to its excellent public transport system, which includes buses, trains, trams, taxis, and rideshare services. The city’s designated Free Tram Zone, spanning from Queen Victoria Market to Docklands, allows for easy and cost-effective travel within the city center.

Convenient transportation options make it easy for international students to attend classes, explore the city, and participate in various events. International students can live off campus, so they will have the convenience of public transport to and from the university and their homes.

Moreover, the availability of concession rates for eligible students further reduces the cost of living in Melbourne.

Competitive rental prices

Renting as a student is a popular choice because of Melbourne’s relatively affordable rental prices.

The overall state of the housing market, including factors like housing affordability, property prices, and rental yields, can impact rental prices.

Melbourne’s housing market conditions may contribute to relatively lower rental prices compared to other capital cities because of their abundance in high-rise apartment buildings and population growth.

Renting in Australia amongst students is common, but if your finances allow, international students can also buy a home in Australia.

Employment Opportunities in Melbourne

Why Melbourne for International Students

Melbourne offers a myriad of employment opportunities for international students, ranging from popular roles like waiting tables to the exciting prospect of starting their own businesses. The cost of living in Australia can be high and having a side job is common for students.

These job opportunities not only help students cover their living expenses, but also provide valuable work experience in a leading knowledge city.

Thriving Industries

Why Melbourne for International Students

Home to multinational companies and a robust financial center, Melbourne presents numerous internship, networking, and career opportunities for international students.

Many business students choose to pursue internships at leading multinational firms during their academic term or holidays, providing them with essential industry exposure and connections.

Start-Up Scene

Melbourne’s thriving start-up scene spans across various sectors, including Life Sciences and Biotech, Fintech, SaaS, AI, Blockchain, and advanced manufacturing.

This flourishing environment offers unique job and entrepreneurial opportunities for international students, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and contribute to the city’s innovative ecosystem.

Cultural Experiences in Melbourne

Why Melbourne for International Students

Melbourne’s diverse cultural experiences set it apart as a prime study destination. International students can immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant arts, sports, food, live music, and theater scenes, making their time in Melbourne truly unforgettable.

Moreover, the city’s well-connected location allows for short trips to other major Australian cities, enabling students to further explore the country’s unique culture and natural wonders.

Arts and Theatre

Melbourne’s arts and theater scene is truly exceptional, with world-renowned art exhibitions hosted at the National Gallery of Victoria and a thriving underground arts scene. The city also boasts a dynamic theater landscape, featuring local and international productions, progressive performances, and captivating cabaret shows.

These diverse cultural offerings provide international students with countless opportunities to explore and appreciate the city’s creative spirit.

Sporting Capital

As the sporting capital of Australia, Melbourne is home to iconic venues like the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and hosts international events such as the Australian Open Tennis Championships and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Sports enthusiasts can attend thrilling matches, engage in friendly competitions, or simply enjoy the energetic atmosphere that pervades the city during major sporting events.

Food Heaven

Why Melbourne for International Students

Melbourne’s diverse population translates into an exceptional food scene, offering everything from food trucks to high-end restaurants. International students can indulge in a wide array of cuisines, including the mouthwatering offerings at the iconic Queen Victoria Market.

Melbourne’s food scene is a testament to the city’s multiculturalism, providing a delightful culinary adventure for all who visit.

Support Services for International Students

The Study Melbourne Hub is an invaluable asset for international students in Victoria. It offers free and confidential information, referral services, and various forms of practical support.

This dedicated center helps students navigate their new environment and ensures their well-being throughout their academic journey.

Study Melbourne Hub

Universities in Melbourne provide strong support services for international students, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling study experience. From language learning services to housing assistance, these institutions are committed to helping their students succeed and make the most of their time in Melbourne.

Participating in social events and clubs is also highly encouraged, as it fosters connections and enhances the overall postgraduate experience.

University Resources

Why Melbourne for International Students

International students in Melbourne have access to a wealth of university resources, including libraries, student centers, and online resources. These resources are essential for academic success, enabling students to excel in their chosen fields and make the most of their time in Melbourne.

University resources provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests, develop their skills, and gain valuable knowledge. They also provide a platform for students to connect with their peers and build relationships with faculty and staff.


In conclusion, Melbourne offers international students an unparalleled study experience, combining world-class education, a multicultural environment, excellent infrastructure, and diverse cultural experiences. Its thriving industries and start-up scene present ample employment opportunities, while the city’s vast support services ensure that students feel at home throughout their academic journey.

So, if you’re considering studying abroad, look no further than Melbourne – a city where you can achieve your dreams, create lifelong memories, and immerse yourself in a truly vibrant and multicultural community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Victoria Australia for international students?

With its well-reputed universities, numerous exchange programs and a relatively affordable cost of living, Victoria is an excellent choice for international students looking to pursue their educational dreams.

Why Melbourne is better than Sydney for international students?

It has a relaxed atmosphere. Melbourne’s slower pace of life makes it the perfect study abroad destination as it allows international students to explore and adapt at their own pace. What’s more, there are plenty of activities for international students to take part in which will help them settle in quickly.

With its cheaper tuition fees and living costs, studying in Melbourne can be much more cost-effective compared to Sydney. Therefore, it is a great choice for international students who are looking to save money while achieving their academic goals.

Overall, Melbourne offers international students a unique blend of diverse cultures, relaxed atmosphere and affordability making it an ideal destination for study abroad.

Why should I go to Melbourne?

Immerse yourself in Melbourne’s cosmopolitan lifestyle with its alluring mix of history, culture, art and fashion. Sample culinary delights from around the world and spend time shopping and discovering the city’s hidden gems.

With a range of entertainment and activities to suit all tastes, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience in Melbourne.

What is Melbourne ranked for international students?

Melbourne has been highly ranked for international students. It came 2nd in the world for Student Mix and 3rd in the world for Student View in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking for 2023, making it one of the best cities to study in.

This is a testament to Melbourne’s quality education offerings and vibrant student life.

Why study in Melbourne than Sydney?

Lively city and cheaper cost of living. Melbourne is an extremely lively city with plenty of activities to keep students busy, while being slightly cheaper when it comes to the cost of living compared to Sydney. Additionally, it is also ranked higher for student experiences and employer activity in Australia.

Studying in Melbourne can be a great experience since it offers a vibrant social scene, competitive universities, diverse cultural offerings and much more. Moreover, living costs in Melbourne are lower than in Sydney, which makes it easier to make ends meet during studies. All these reasons make Melbourne an attractive alternative to studying in Sydney.

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