Where Not to Buy in Queensland: Experts Share Less Favourable Areas

May 9, 2024
Where Not to Buy in Queensland

Key takeaways:

  • Investors should be wary of overvalued suburbs and suburbs with high crime rates and consider the long-term growth potential.
  • High crime rates in certain areas, such as Fortitude Valley and Woolloongabba, can negatively impact property values and rental income.
  • Queensland’s vulnerability to natural disasters like floods and bushfires necessitates careful consideration of location risks.
  • Economic factors, government policies, and infrastructure developments are crucial to assess for potential growth and return on investment in Queensland’s real estate market.

In a region with diverse real estate markets, some areas have emerged as no-go zones for investors, leading to the critical question: Where not to buy in Queensland?

Certain locations in Queensland have been highlighted by experts as less ideal for investment, due to concerns like economic fluctuations, environmental challenges, or limited growth opportunities.

For instance, some areas with a heavy reliance on specific industries, such as certain mining towns like Moura, might present higher risks for property investors.

Today, we’ll into these less favorable areas, providing insights into the considerations that should guide your decision-making process in Queensland’s diverse property market.

3 Less Favourable Areas Where You Should Exercise Caution

Where Not to Buy in Queensland:

When considering property investment in Queensland, it’s essential to be aware of the markets where you should exercise caution.

In this section, we’ll discuss:

  • Overvalued suburbs
  • High crime areas
  • Places prone to natural disasters

By being informed, you can make better decisions about where to invest your money and avoid potential pitfalls.

1. Overvalued Suburbs

As of May 2024, the Brisbane property market has continued to experience strong growth. Following an earlier decline, housing values in Brisbane have risen consistently. Data suggests an increase of around 15-16% since January 2023.

In some parts of Queensland, property prices may be higher than their intrinsic values. For example, the Sunshine Coast experienced significant price growth in the past few years. Here are a few more areas that might be considered overvalued suburbs:


According to The Courier Mail, suburbs like CalamvaleArana Hills, and Woody Point have experienced recent rapid price growth and may be susceptible to future falls.

Gold Coast

Several coastal suburbs like Hope IslandPimpama, and Coomera have seen high levels of development and price increases, raising concerns about potential overvaluation.

While this might be attractive for some investors, it can also lead to overvalued suburbs where future price growth might be limited.

Always research and compare property prices in the area to ensure you’re not buying into an overvalued market.

For more insights on this topic, consider reading about Why are Brisbane houses so expensive?

2. High Crime Areas

Choosing to invest in areas with high crime rates can negatively impact both property value and rental income.

Suburbs like the Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley, Townsville and Mount Isa in Brisbane have been identified as high-risk areas. You can check out our full guide on the worst suburbs in Brisbane for crime for more details.

Cairns is notably Queensland’s crime hotspot, with over 4,000 offences, followed by regions like Toowoomba and Logan Central, which also have significant crime issues​​​​​​.

Table of High Crime Areas in Queensland, reflecting data from 2023:

SuburbPopulationTotal Crimes in 2023Notes
Brisbane CBD9,46015,932Has the highest crime rate in Greater Brisbane with a notable rate of 74,668 incidents per 100,000 population.
Fortitude Valley9,70811,426Known for its nightlife, leading to a high rate of disorderly and offensive conduct, often related to the nightlife scene.
Townsville178,86047,678Most significant rise in assaults is among Queenslanders aged 30-39. This age group committed nearly a quarter of all reported assaults in the financial year 2022-23, accounting for 4,761 out of a total of 19,977 assaults.
Mount Isa18,31713,543A large proportion of break and enter crimes and property damage, raising red flags for property ownership.
Source: Queensland Police Service (QPS)

A comprehensive resource for checking crime rates in Queensland suburbs is the Queensland Police Service website. By assessing the local crime data, you can make informed decisions about which areas to avoid for property investment.

3. Prone to Natural Disasters

Queensland is not immune to natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and bushfires. The Logan City Council has identified 14 high-risk suburbs, including Bahrs Scrub, Bannockburn, and Belivah, as prone to these disasters.

Additionally, the Wide Bay region and areas around Toowoomba and Gladstone have been highlighted for their vulnerability to storm-related damages​​​​.

Queensland also faces a significant risk of riverine flooding, affecting numerous homes across the state​​. It’s crucial to consider these risks when evaluating property investments in Brisbane or other regions.

Local council websites provide valuable information on flood zones and other natural disaster risks, essential for making informed property investment choices.

In conclusion, be cautious when considering property investment in Queensland and always conduct thorough research on your selected suburbs.

By paying attention to factors like market values, crime rates, and natural disaster risks, you can make well-informed decisions and maximize the potential return on your investment.

What to Consider Before Investing in Property in QLD

Where Not to Buy in Queensland:

When evaluating potential investment properties in Queensland, it’s essential to consider various factors that may impact your decision.

In this section, we will discuss the following aspects: Economical Factors and Growth Potential, Government Policies and Incentives, and Infrastructure and Development Projects.

Economical Factors and Growth Potential

The economy plays a significant role in property investment. You should research areas with promising economic growth, as this can influence property values and rental yields. Consider factors like employment opportunities, industry developments, and population growth.

With the anticipation of the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane and significant interstate migration, Queensland’s population is expected to grow by more than 16% by 2032​. These factors can influence property values and rental yields, and should be considered in investment decisions. To understand the current market trends, you may want to explore Is it a good time to buy house in Brisbane now?

“Keep an eye on regional Queensland locations, as some have experienced growth of +20 per cent over the past year.”

Tip: The Real Estate Institute of Queensland’s market monitor is a helpful resource for property investment research.

Government Policies and Incentives

Queensland Government policies can impact your property investment decisions. For example, the First Home Owners’ Grant and stamp duty concessions may attract first home buyers to certain areas, increasing demand and property values.

Keep yourself updated on the current Queensland property investment regulations to ensure compliance and identify potential opportunities.

Rapid Fact: In some cases, the Queensland Government offers stamp duty concessions that may benefit property investors.

Infrastructure and Development Projects

When assessing investment property locations, consider areas with ongoing infrastructure projects and development plans, as these can attract potential tenants and homebuyers. Upcoming projects like transport links, schools, and hospitals provide essential amenities and contribute to the region’s appeal.

Stay informed about Queensland’s ongoing infrastructure and development projects to identify growth areas and potential investment opportunities. A practical resource to consider is the wide array of real estate in Brisbane, which can provide insights into current market trends and property listings.

Practical Tip: Visit the Queensland Government’s planning website to access information about local planning schemes and zoning regulations, which can be vital in selecting a property.

By incorporating these considerations into your property investment research, you increase your chances of making informed decisions and enjoying better returns on your investment in Queensland.

Deeper Dive: For a deeper dive into the local real estate trends, be sure to read our detailed analysis on whether Brisbane are house prices dropping? to get the latest insights.

FAQs on ‘Where Not to Buy in Queensland’

What Suburbs are Tipped to Boom in Queensland?

According to a report that identifies the national top 100 supercharged suburbs, 37 of these are in Queensland.

Specifically, in the Greater Brisbane region, the suburbs anticipated to experience significant growth include Brisbane City, Chermside, Redbank Plains in Ipswich, Eagleby in Logan, Dakabin, and Griffin in Moreton Bay.

What is the Safest Town in Queensland?

In terms of safety, several towns in Queensland have been recognized for their low crime rates. Bamaga, Seisia, and New Mapoon, with the postal code 4876, are ranked as the safest, with a state rank of #1.

Following them are Ballandean and Wyberba (postal code 4382) at state rank #2, Quilpie and Eromanga (postal code 4480) at state rank #3, and Injune, Beilba, and Baffle West (postal code 4454) at state rank #4.

Where is the Most Affordable Place to Live in Queensland?

For affordability, Hervey Bay and Maryborough stand out as some of the best places to live in Queensland, especially for families. These areas are known for their affordable housing, family-friendly community atmosphere, and lower cost of living.

Where is the Best Place to Retire in Queensland?

Queensland is a popular retirement destination, offering a relaxed lifestyle, stunning landscapes, and pleasant weather.

Among the most favored areas for retirees are The Gold Coast, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. These locations are well-regarded for their quality of life and amenities suited to the needs of retirees.

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