When to Call a Gas Fitter Immediately

April 3, 2023
When to Call a Gas Fitter Immediately

Natural gas is one of the most popular energy sources in Australia, but just because it is common doesn’t mean it is easy to work with. In fact, almost any issue you have with the gas service in your house should be handled by a professional who is experienced in gas fitting services. Of course, there are some issues that are more urgent than others. If you have any of the following problems, contact a professional immediately.

You Smell Gas In or Around Your Home

This is the most dangerous condition regarding gas because it means there is a gas leak somewhere and because natural gas is flammable, any heat source could potentially cause an explosion or fire. Natural gas does not have an odour naturally, but a chemical called mercaptan, or methanethiol is added to the gas so that people can detect a leak. Otherwise, a gas leak would be a deadly situation almost one hundred percent of the time.

While natural gas isn’t deadly when inhaled, it is extremely flammable. And if it burns improperly, it can produce carbon monoxide, which is deadly when inhaled. Moreover, if natural gas builds up in a confined space, it can lead to suffocation (asphyxia) because there is no way for oxygen to flow in and replace the noxious fumes. In any case, if you detect an odour that is similar to rotten eggs, call your gas fitting professional right away.

Dead Household Plants or Rodents

Occasionally, you won’t smell anything amiss and you could still have a problem with your gas line. Pay attention to any household plants or dead rodents near your gas line, as this could be an early warning sign of a gas leak. It’s not pleasant to find dead mice or rats in your house, but you’ll be glad you did if it keeps you from having a larger gas leak!

Gas Bills Increase Significantly

Yes, almost every bill is increasing at least somewhat, so you can almost count on your gas bill going up a little bit too. But, if you notice a huge increase from month-to-month, and your usage hasn’t gone up significantly, there could be cause for concern. For example, you might have an undetected gas leak that’s leading to excess use (even though you aren’t actually using any more than normal). 

A significant increase in your gas bill could also mean that one or more of your gas-powered appliances isn’t functioning properly and is not using gas efficiently. While this situation doesn’t necessarily present a danger to you, it does mean that your appliance could wear out more quickly. And it definitely means you’ll be paying for more gas than you’re actually using. In either case, it’s better to have your gas lines inspected and your gas appliances checked out to ensure everything is in working order.


Natural gas and gas leaks are nothing to mess around with. If you suspect you might have a gas leak or one of your gas appliances isn’t acting right, don’t try to fix it yourself. Gas is too dangerous to DIY. Call a professional and get the peace of mind in knowing it’s been properly and safely repaired.

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