Top 8 Striking Free-Standing Baths

October 28, 2015

After an indulgent soak in one of these free-standing baths, your cares will simply wash away.

The luxury bath


Skilled artisans have used a 139-year heritage in metalwork to produce a new range of free-standing, contemporary, enamelled cast-iron baths.

Kohler’s Rêve cast-iron free-standing bath, with its mix of traditional metal casting techniques and minimalist streamlined styling, offers a deeply luxurious bathing experience for 21st century bathrooms.

While a nod to vintage materials and handcrafts, it is a very sleek, modernist design with geometric, faceted lines, a wider back ledge for generous storage and elevated plinth.

The richly enamelled cast iron retains the water temperature for longer than many other free-standing baths.

The eco-friendly bath

B 58121
B 58121

The cedar free-standing bath is made from reclaimed cedar and reused Australian-made pressed steel. If you’re not keen on a reused bath, Formed can use a new Australian-made pressed steel bath and plantation cedar.

The sculptural bath

The Scoop bathtub, designed by Michael Schmidt for Falper, seems to rise from the wall and blend perfectly with its surroundings.

It combines the classic bathtub with a free-standing contemporary twist.

A seductive sculpture for the modern bathroom, the ‘soft touch’ finish in black is an added luxury.

The classic bath


Victoria + Albert’s Hampshire bath is a classic Edwardian bathtub with ball and claw feet and smooth lines which delivers refined style into our modern era.

Reminiscent of 1900s’ style, Hampshire recreates the Edwardian era in a modern-day bathroom. Boasting elegance and grace, Hampshire is for anybody wanting to create a traditional, classically styled room.

The single-ended roll top reclines at the perfect angle, providing bathing comfort and luxury. There’s the option of white QUARRYCAST® or adjustable metal ball and claw feet.

The contemporary bath

B 26732

With its contemporary yet compact design, Victoria + Albert’s ios free-standing bath is for households where space is at a premium.

Just 1500mm long, the ios bath offers a polished designer look for a modern-style room. The ios is 1500mm long, 800mm wide and 518mm deep.

The sensual bath

Symbolising the perfect balance between solid and organic elements, function and emotion, the Shape free-standing bath is an elegant and luxurious addition to the Falper range.

Designed by Michael Schmidt and manufactured in Italy, the unique Cristalplant bath exudes sensuality with its soft form.

The statement bath


Zucchetti’s new KOS Morphing bath is a statement piece that embodies tradition and contemporary aesthetics and new materials with echoes of classic style.

Set on little legs that evoke the look of a traditional clawfoot, this bath features a rectangular shape with a subtle flare at one end, for comfort and aesthetics.

The collection offers options of various shades to meet individual tastes, including classic white, as well as models with a red or black exterior and white interior.

The compact bath

Victoria + Albert’s Como bath, just 1670mm long, exemplifies V+A’s ‘small is beautiful’ design concept. Como incorporates high-end features and elegance in a neat package.

The minimalist double-ended bath is for those with small bathrooms who want cutting-edge design.

Como becomes even more effective in smaller bathrooms through the impression of greater floor space under and around the bath.

By Danielle Townsend
From Grand Designs Australia magazine Vol. 2 No. 3

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