The best Australian street names

December 27, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to showcase your national pride this Australia Day but an akubra  or southern cross tattoo just isn’t your thing, what about purchasing or renting a home on a fair dinkum Aussie street with a true blue name?

Want to be a resident of Beer Bottle Road or Bogan Street? Well there’s no time like Australia Day to make that dream a reality.

We’ve gathered some of the best, most Australian street names – from the obvious to the iconic and the unbelievable.

National pride

Let’s start with the obvious. Yes, you can live on Australia Street, Australia Avenue or Australia Lane. This could be in Camperdown, Hurstville, Bass Hill, Modbury, North Adelaide or St Angus, to name a few.

The traditional – Australian flora and fauna

There are lots of opportunities to live on a street named after a native Australian plant; here are just a few:

  • Gum Tree Place (Castle Hill, NSW)
  • Gum Nut Close (Kellyville, NSW)
  • Wattle Street (Ultimo, NSW)
  • Waratah Street (Rushcutters Bay, NSW)
  • Eucalyptus Drive (Lake Macquarie, NSW)
  • Bottle Brush Road (Westleigh, NSW)

If you’re more into Aussie animals, there are plenty of options there too:

  • Koala Street (Port Macquarie, NSW)
  • Kookaburra Parade (Woodbury, NSW)
  • Emu Street (Strathfield, NSW)
  • Mozzie Flat Road (Port Moorawie, SA)
  • Dingo Street (North Lakes, QLD)
  • Wallaby Road (Redland Bay, QLD)
  • Echidna Street (Berekely Vale, NSW)
  • Wombat Road (Mount Dandenong, VIC)
  • Kangaroo Street (Manly, NSW)
  • Brushtail Crescent (Doolandella, QLD)
  • Jumbuck Street (Jindalee, QLD)
  • Platypus Street (Wangi Wangi, NSW)

As patriotic or cute as these animal streets may be, the more unique names below take Aussie pride to a whole other level.

The unusual and the best

  • Bogan Street (Summer Hill, NSW) – Surprisingly (or not) there are quite a few Bogan streets in Australia. You could also be a Bogan Street resident in Clifton Springs (VIC), Greystances (NSW), Parkes (NSW), Forbes (NSW) or Nyngan (NSW). And just to clarify, it’s not pronounced “boo-gan” as some residents like to try.
australian street names
Source: The Australian
  • Esky Road (Pallara, QLD) – What could be more Australian than an esky? Is it even surprising that a road has been dedicated to the humble cool box that keeps our beverages safe from the harsh Australian heat?
  • Upperthong Street (Bullsbrook, WA) – Possibly the most Australian street name ever. It’s actually named after a small village in West Yorkshire, England, but we all know it works much better as a tribute to our much loved national footwear.
  • Struth Street (Yealering, WA) – The next best thing to there being an Alf Stewart street
Source: Back to the bay
Source: Seven Network
  • Convict Road (Hampshire, TAS) – This one probably wouldn’t surprise any British acquaintances who are always the first to remind us Aussies of our low-brow criminal roots. Though as a bonus, living on this street may be a good way to deter any unwanted house guests.
  • Beer Bottle Road (Darkan, WA) – A perfectly reasonable street name
  • Schooner Road (Seaford, SA) – Ditto
  • Stubby Street – Who knew there were so many beer-related street names?
  • Furfy Avenue (Kialla, Victoria) – The Queen actually stays in an Airbnb on this street every time she visits Australia*
  • Woolverene Street (Hastings, Victoria) – While not quite the same spelling as Hugh Jackman’s iconic character, it would still be a pretty impressive Aussie street to live on
australian street names
  •  Wanka Road (Cecil Plains, QLD) – This road regularly appears on lists of the most unpopular street names in Australia but is still very Australian, none-the-less.

*This is obviously a furfy.

Bonus fun fact – Impress your mates with your remarkable local knowledge this Australia Day. While (thankfully) not a street name, the longest official place name in Australia is Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya – a hill in outback South Australia.  It means ‘where the devil urinates’ in local Pitjantjatjara language.

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