Which Home Loan Works for Me?

Housing Loan

You may have already found your dream home from browsing our search page. Or perhaps you’re still looking? Either way, most home buyers will take out a home loan, especially if it’s their first time. Home loans today are more personalised than ever. You might want to pay a little less for a longer period […]

6 Easy Home Decor Tips From an Interior Designer

interior design tips

Whether you’re moving into a new home or wanting to revamp your design philosophy, sometimes you need a bit of inspiration with the home decor. With many of us spending more days at home at the moment, it’s no surprise that we’re also putting more hours into redecorating. But not all of us know where […]

What are interest-only home loans and are they worth it?

If you’re considering an interest-only home loan, we explain how they work, how the rates compare to other loans and what pros and cons you may want to think about before deciding. Some people might see an interest-only home loan as an attractive choice when considering finance options for a property. The prospect of lower repayments […]

Home inspection checklist: What to look out for when buying your first home

Found a house that you might be interested in and attending your very first open? There sure are many things to look out for besides the stunning interiors.  Are inspections necessary? You might be wondering whether there’s an actual need for inspection when you’re buying your first home.  A definite answer would be yes, there […]

Lender Mortgage Insurance Explained (Updated November 2020)

LMI explained If you’re a first home buyer looking to buy your first home or have already decided on one, you might come across many terms such as lenders mortgage insurance or mortgage protection insurance. It can be overwhelming and confusing but fret not as Soho is here to help. We’ll be explaining Lenders Mortgage […]

First Home Owner Grants Breakdown (Updated November 2020)

As a first home buyer, you may be eligible for several state funding schemes to get you into your own place sooner. Let us help you understand the first home owners grant and other schemes you might be able to take up as you buy your first property. What is the First Home Owners Grant? […]