Super Saturday Auction – 28 October 2023: What to Expect This Weekend

October 27, 2023

Key takeaways:

  • Super Saturday marks a pinnacle in Australia’s real estate calendar, especially evident during spring and autumn.
  • CoreLogic data underlines this year’s impressive surge, with projected auctions at 3,522, marking a significant 43% hike from the previous week.
  • Adequate preparation, expansive marketing, and active engagement are the cornerstones for reaping maximum benefits from this event.

With spring in full swing, Australia’s major cities are buzzing in anticipation for an event that takes the property scene by storm: Super Saturday.

Dubbed as auction time, this day witnesses a thousands of properties going under the hammer, offering a unique opportunity for both eager buyers and sellers.

What is Super Saturday in Real Estate?

Super Saturday, within the context of real estate, is a day full of property auctions, predominantly in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Tracing its roots back to Melbourne in 2011, this event has since evolved into an annual spectacle in most Australian capitals, symbolizing a surge of property demand during the spring and autumn months.

The transparency of auctions, showcasing competing buyers, and expedited transaction timelines make auction time on Super Saturday a preferred choice for many.

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Super Saturday’s Origins and CoreLogic’s Projections

The upcoming Super Saturday sale is shaping up to be a record-breaker. According to a recent report by CoreLogic, cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra are bracing for an estimated 3,500+ homes to be auctioned.

To offer a comparison, the CoreLogic data reveals an impressive 43% week-on-week increase, growing from last week’s 2,463 scheduled auctions.

Brisbane and Canberra’s Foray into Super Saturday

While Sydney and Melbourne have typically dominated the Super Saturday sale narrative, other capitals are quickly catching up.

As CoreLogic data suggests, Brisbane is setting its sights on its busiest auction week this year, with current estimates pointing to 241 homes—a noteworthy 43.5% week-on-week uptick.

Insights for Buyers and Sellers

For potential buyers, the vast array of listings during auction time on Super Saturday presents a golden chance to snag a deal. However, the fierce competition demands thorough market research, decisive auction tactics, and adept negotiation skills.

For sellers, Super Saturday is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. The mantra? Meticulous preparation, aggressive marketing, and keen engagement with prospective buyers.

“Beat the market by putting your property in isolation as opposed to competition with other stock that’s on the market.”

Kon Stathopoulos, Principal and Owner of McGrath West, Northwest & Hawkesbury

A Glimpse into Super Saturday’s Significance

super saturday in real estate

In essence, Super Saturday embodies a unique chapter in Australia’s real estate playbook, blending challenges and unparalleled opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

Whether you’re aiming to purchase your dream dwelling or aiming for a successful sale, a deep understanding of Super Saturday, supplemented by insights from CoreLogic, can be your secret weapon.

More on Super Saturday

What is Super Saturday in the context of real estate?

Super Saturday refers to the biggest auction weekend in the property market, where a large number of properties are up for auction across various Australian cities.

When and where did Super Saturday originate?

Super Saturday originated in Melbourne in 2011 and quickly spread to other major Australian cities due to its overwhelming success.

Why is Super Saturday especially popular in Sydney and Melbourne?

Cities like Sydney and Melbourne experience a surge in property searches after Boxing Day, leading to high demand. The transparency and quick transactions offered by auctions make Super Saturday a preferred event.

How does Super Saturday benefit sellers?

For sellers, Super Saturday presents an opportunity for wide exposure, competitive bidding, and potentially selling above market value. Proper preparation, marketing, and engagement are key for sellers to maximize returns.

What should buyers keep in mind during Super Saturday auctions?

Buyers should conduct thorough research on property values, be prepared to make decisive bids during the auction, and negotiate confidently.

How many properties typically go to auction on Super Saturday?

The number varies depending on the market’s activity, but reports suggest that up to 2,000 properties can be up for auction on a single Super Saturday.

How does the clearance rate factor into Super Saturday?

The clearance rate, a percentage representing the number of properties sold at auction, indicates the level of buyer demand in the market.

Are there Super Saturday events in cities other than Sydney and Melbourne?

Yes, while Super Saturday started in Melbourne, it has since become a significant event in other major capital cities, including Brisbane.

How can potential changes in interest rates affect Super Saturday?

Interest rates influence buyer sentiment and affordability. Lower interest rates might attract more buyers to participate in Super Saturday auctions.

Can properties of different types, like beach properties, be auctioned on Super Saturday?

Absolutely. Super Saturday auctions can feature a diverse range of properties, from urban apartments to beachside homes.

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