Suburb Profile: Alexandria NSW

January 11, 2022
Alexandria, sydney cafe

General Summary of Alexandria Sydney:

City & StateAlexandria, Sydney
Location4.1 km South of Sydney CBD
Population8,262 (2016)

Alexandria Sydney Real Estate Trends:

Median Property PriceAverage Weekly RentVacancy RateAverage Rental YieldRenters vs Owners
$1,750,000$8003.72%2.37% – 3.51%43.17%
*past data correct as of January 2022

What is it like in Alexandria Sydney

Alexandria sydney city old tram stop
The tram stop at Alexandria’s post office, taken in the 1940s

Alexandria, Sydney, was once considered an industrial neighbourhood filled with small manufacturers, warehouses, wholesalers, and offices. But upon finding this charming suburb, you will find streets lined with trees, single story cottages, row houses, and mid rise apartment buildings. Amidst these comfortable residential areas sit local pubs and restaurants that contribute to its homey feel.

Sydney Park lies at the bounds of Alexandria, a place for picnics with the family along with beautifully designed gardens. There are playgrounds, sports fields, and even smaller parks that make up the allure of Alexandria. The residential areas hold true to their comfort and peace, quiet areas that fit the mould of a suburban neighbourhood. On the other hand, there are apartment blocks and streets for young professionals who prioritise nights out on the town.     

People in Alexandria Sydney

Along with a variety of attractions, Alexandria is home to a diverse population. 25.9% of its population is made up of independent youths. This group makes up a large part of the suburb’s workforce. On the flip side, 32.7% represents maturing and independent adults, consisting of older, working adults along with retirees who have been in Alexandria for generations. 

The rest of the population is made up of maturing couples and families, tucked in their homes away from busy roads and pubs. As a previously industrial town, Alexandria is growing in its diversity. The community consists of a vibrant mix of trendy young people and those that have called Alexandria their homes for decades. 

Houses in Alexandria Sydney

Alexandria sydney street
Tree-lined street in Alexandria, Sydney

Because of the industrial history of Alexandria, the buildings and homes are creatively constructed to pay homage to the suburb’s past. In an effort to embrace its history, old factories and buildings have been converted into apartments and cafes. Warehouses have become markets and shops. 

The coming-of-age story of Alexandria sings of Victorian-style homes and cottages that make for comfortable living situations. There are clear signs of the past though. Along some streets you may find outdated Sydney brickworks that juxtapose their evolving surroundings. The apartments, homes, and businesses are unique from the others, complementing the different lifestyles that make up Alexandria’s community.  

Transportation in Alexandria Sydney

According to residents, Alexandria’s public transportation is lacking in a few areas. Although it is only a 20-minute commute to Sydney from Alexandria, there are five ways to get there that vary in their convenience. The main mode of transportation that the community utilises is the bus, a 13-minute trip that is either $2 – $3. 

You can also opt to take the train into Sydney, but be mindful of the longer, 30-minute commute as well as the increase in price to $4 – $7. The fastest method of transportation would be taking a car or taxi, which results in only an eight-minute drive. But taxis typically charge $20 – $25 for each trip. There is always the option to walk, but you will find yourself on an hour-long trek. Alternatively, invest in a bicycle and minimise both costs and traffic. 

Within Alexandria though, most people walk from place to place, occasionally taking the bus if they need to venture across town. For more information about the transportation system, you can look here.   

Proximity to Sydney Hotspots

Alexandria sydney park
Sydney Park, Alexandria

Travel time to the heart of Sydney is only 20 minutes. Alexandria is a straight shot south of Sydney, so you will be in store for a smooth sailing ride if you decide to pursue a night out on the town. The proximity allows for the occasional dabble in city life and then a quick return to the quiet comfort of Alexandria.

This is especially appealing to the young community of Alexandria. If they are seeking a lively night at the clubs, they can travel into the city rather than disrupting the peace of the elderly population for after-hours fun. 

Health in Alexandria

There are many health services provided for the residents of Alexandria. You will find the Waterloo Medical Centre here as well as a renowned psychiatric hospital called Centre for Modern Psychology. The other hospital is the Alexandria Specialist Day Hospital, located in the center of the suburb. In Alexandria, you will also find multiple niche-related clinics.

Whether you seek physical therapy or need a diagnostic imaging center as soon as possible, you can find what you’re looking for.  

Cafes, Bars & Restaurants in Alexandria 

Alexandria sydney restaurant cafe
Cafe on Huntley Street, Alexandria

If you are part of the large caffeine-craving, cafe-hunting crowd, Alexandria is the place to go. A few of Sydney’s most popular cafes are located here, and people from far and wide will come sit for a flat white. 

When hungry, you’re in luck—cafe food, restaurants and cultural food experiences say Alexandria does not lack in any department. If you want to see what’s up on McCauley Street, Botany Road, or Henderson Road, expect to find a bunch of young people drinking and socialising. This is where the suburb’s most popular restaurants and bars sit, buzzing and alive. 

The local, craft beer in Alexandria is also a big draw. Check out Bracket Brewing where you can sit for a selection on 12 beers on tap.

International cuisine amongst Alexandria restaurants includes Vietnamese at Photown to Italian at Cipro Pizza al Taglio and more. Luckily, many of these restaurants are on Bourke Road! Along with delicious food, most places to eat in Alexandria provide a lively ambience that contributes to the vibrant energy of the suburb. Whether you want to relax with your meal or enjoy a loud night eating with friends, your options are all within walking distance.    

Shopping in Alexandria

Many can attest to the buzz that surrounds the shops in Alexandria. After grabbing your cup of coffee, you will find yourself nestled in outlet stores, antique boutiques, and furniture showrooms.   

The South Sydney Markets located in Alexandria were created to meet the community’s demands for local handmade crafts, fresh produce, and local artisans to provide it all. Although the South Sydney Markets have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the population of Alexandria claims it as one of the best aspects of the suburb. 

The Alexandria markets are also known as the Alexandria gardens. At The Grounds of Alexandria, you’ll discover what they call an “urban sanctuary” that highlights the beauty of nature while enjoying food, drinks and homemade goods.

Another feature that drives people here is the Alexandria outlets. From Crate + Barrel to Gap and Puma, this suburb has become a savvy shopper’s dream. Other conveniently located standard stores and amenities are:

Alexandria sydney restaurant
Cafe on Bourke Road, Alexandria

Schools in Alexandria

25% of the people in Alexandria are attending some kind of educational institution, which is noteworthy. Schools are expected to be up to par for the students who seek their education here. Of the 25%, 14.2% are in primary school, 8.8% are in secondary school, and 37.2% are in tertiary or technical institutions.

Alexandria Park Community School is a well-known secondary and primary day school that provides top notch education to the children of the suburb. Along with this, there are also dance schools, technical schools, and business schools that are available for residents.   

Parking in Alexandria

In Alexandria, the most common methods of travel are by public transportation and car, whether that be as the driver or passenger. On a typical day, 40% of people use public transportation while 32% use a car. Because of this mix of responses, the suburb provides adequate parking centres for those with vehicles.

There are parking lots and parking garages scattered across town, most usually located in areas of traffic. So, you can expect either a parking garage or lot at any institution or business you find yourself at. 

Crime and Safety in Alexandria

alexandria sydney corporate parkl
Sydney Corporate Park

Alexandria is reported as a low-risk place to live. The suburb has a low violent crime rate, and the property crime rate is below average. It is regarded as safer than its neighbouring suburb, Newtown, with a low and stable rate of assault incidents. Per 100,000 people, there are 638.1 assaults, which is drastically low compared to the national average. 

There’s a reason why people want to raise their children here. The low crime rate and encouraged safety measures taken in Alexandria contribute to the peace and comfort of the suburb. 

Entertainment in Alexandria

Alexandria provides an array of entertaining activities to do on the weekends. Whether you want to read a book in a trendy cafe or watch a sports game at the pub, Alexandria can provide. For family and friends nights, you can visit the local video arcade, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq Alexandria in Sydney Corporate Park or take a chance at Social Escape Rooms. 

There are also a handful of bars, recreation centers, and even an ice rink. Although Alexandria is growing to be a very liveable suburb, it hasn’t lost sight of its history as an industrial neighbourhood, which can be seen in the architecture, and streets that are lined with pubs. 

Fitness in Alexandria

If you’re someone who likes a wide array of fitness options, Alexandria has got you covered. From Pilates in Alexandria to full-size gyms, here are a list of popular fitness spots:

Alexandria Sydney Houses

alexandria sydney apartment for sale
Apartment for Sale in Alexandria Sydney @ 19/196-202 Wyndham Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, Australia
  • Price guide: $1,150,000 – $1,250,000
  • Size: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom

alexandria sydney house for sale
House for Sale in Alexandria Sydney @ 2C Phillips Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, Australia
  • Price guide: $1,700,000
  • Size: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom

alexandria sydney apartment for rent
Apartment for Rent in Alexandria Sydney @ 59/57 Ralph Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, Australia
  • Price guide: $645/week
  • Size: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom

alexandria sydney apartment for rent
Apartment for Rent in Alexandria Sydney @ C701/2-6 Mandible Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, Australia
  • Price guide: $500/week
  • Size: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom

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