Will Rental Prices Go Down in 2023 Australia?

May 4, 2023
rental prices

Key takeaways:

    • Rental prices in 2023 will be influenced by factors such as property prices, housing demand and supply, and economic conditions.

    • Regional differences, including Australia’s capital cities versus regional areas and inner-city versus suburban and rural areas, can impact rental housing prices.

    • Future predictions for rental prices in 2023 will depend on market trends, the role of property investors, and the effect of rising interest rates.

With the rollercoaster ride of Australia’s rental market in recent years, many renters and property investors are wondering if rental prices will go down in 2023.

This is an important question because it affects how much rent you can afford and consequently the percentage of your income spent on rent. This article looks at all the factors impacting rental prices, regional differences, and future predictions to help you understand the market better.

Factors impacting rental prices

The housing market

Property prices in Australia have been on the rise, which has led to higher rents in some areas as landlords seek to cover their costs. However, if property prices were to stabilise or decrease, this could potentially lead to a reduction in rental prices and the average rent in Australia.

Another aspect is demand and supply. The demand for rental properties often outstrips supply, leading to increased competition and rising rents. Any changes in demand or supply, such as an increase in available properties, could impact rental prices in 2023. This in turn could affect buyers and cause a housing crisis.

Additionally, vacancy rates affect rental prices, with low vacancy rates often resulting in higher rents as landlords have the upper hand. A rise in vacancy rates could potentially lead to more competitive pricing and a decrease in rent prices.

Economic factors

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s cash rate influences interest rates, which can impact rental prices. Rising interest rates may cause mortgage holders to increase rents to cover their increased repayments while falling rates could potentially lead to lower rental prices.

You must also consider wage growth. Wage growth plays a role in rental prices, as renters with higher incomes can afford to pay the rising cost of housing. A strong economy and steady wage growth could contribute to rising rents, while an economic downturn might result in decreased rental prices in 2023.

rental prices

Government policies aimed at increasing affordable housing supply can indirectly impact rental prices by altering market dynamics. These initiatives may help to stabilise or reduce rental prices over time.

Land tax policies and investor lending criteria can influence the number of properties available for rent. Changes to these policies could potentially impact rental prices in 2023.

In addition, the Reserve Bank’s policies can affect rental prices through their influence on interest rates, as mentioned earlier. Any changes to its policies may have an impact on rental prices in 2023.

Regional differences in rental prices

Australia’s capital city often experiences higher house prices due to increased demand and limited supply. The same is true of other big cities. On the other hand, regional areas may have more affordable rental options, although these can vary depending on local market conditions.

Something you might already know is that renting and living in Sydney and living costs in Perth will vary greatly, with Perth being the more affordable option. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to look at where you’re living.

Rental demand in inner-city areas is typically high, leading to higher rents compared to suburban and rural areas. However, as renters seek more affordable options, suburban and rural rental markets may experience increased demand, potentially impacting rental prices in 2023.

rental prices

Future predictions for rental prices in 2023

If you’re continuing to wonder how much rent you can afford, it’s the right question to ask.

Rising or falling property prices, rental demand, and vacancy rates will all play a role in determining rental prices in 2023. A rental crisis or extremely tight rental conditions may contribute to rising rents, while seasonal fluctuations could result in short-term changes to rental prices.

More investors entering the market could lead to increased competition, potentially impacting rental prices. The impact of property investors on rental prices will depend on factors such as property prices, demand, and market conditions.

Mortgage repayments and higher rents may result from increasing interest rates, as landlords attempt to offset their increased costs. The impact on renters and home buyers will depend on the extent of the rate hikes and their ability to absorb higher housing costs.

rental prices

More insight on rental prices in Australia

How have rental prices changed in Australia over the past decade?

Rental prices have experienced growth in recent years due to factors such as increased demand, limited supply, and rising property prices. However, regional variations and market fluctuations have also played a role in shaping rental price trends.

If you’re struggling to make rent, you might want to check out the National Rental Affordability Scheme. What is NRAS? A government scheme which aims to increase the amount of affordable housing.

Are there any government policies in place to control rental prices in Australia?

There are several government policies aimed at addressing the rental market, including affordable housing initiatives, land tax regulations, and investor lending criteria. These policies may indirectly impact rental prices by influencing market dynamics.

How can I stay informed about rental market trends and predictions?

Staying informed about rental market trends and predictions is important for renters and property investors alike. Keep an eye on reports and data from reputable sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, CoreLogic, and industry experts to stay up-to-date.

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