Proptech Carpool – Mentors with Peter Hanscomb

November 4, 2019
Peter Hanscomb from Belle Property talks about the mentors that have helped him throughout his career on Soho Carpool.
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You would’ve had a lot of, I guess, leaders and, I guess, mentors along your way.
I mean, along your, kind of, career path. Just to reach out to your mentors
or any advice? - I still follow a lot of people, particularly overseas,
you know, people like, Gary Keller from Keller Williams.
I find him, you know, I think he's the best real estate agent on the
planet in terms of his approach to this business
and how he helps people grow.
- Yeah. - So yeah, it's people like Simon Sinek
- Oh, yeah - Very inspirational but, you know, to be honest,
we have to look outside of our industry to get a lot of inspiration these days
because I think in a lot of cases,
we're still caught in a bit of a time warp
of thinking that it's going to be the same as it always used to be.
- Yeah, sure - And I think we've got to look far beyond that.
I think we've really got to stretch the way we deal with clients,
and the way we give value to clients, and the way that we make people feel. - Yeah
And if you look at the top two corporate philosophies of our business,
it's one, is developing people, the other is how we make people feel.
- Yeah, right. I guess you would have learnt a lot of from your mentors along the
way, what are a couple main things that you kind of picked up from the guys along the way?
I think the most important thing is how you take care of people, how you help people grow,
you know, the fact that you value every person that comes into this business.
The thing I hate about this business is the revolving door
and the churn, and seeing so many good people that just don't succeed.
- Yeah - And the reality of it is though, is that, you know,
probably one in ten people are really hunters and are a successful salespeople.
There are a lot of people that come into this industry who actually don't have
the instinctive ability to become a good agent.
- Yeah, sure - And that's why a lot of people fail.
But a lot of people fail through lack of leadership, lack of
training, lack of coaching. Because in my view,
it's not about training anymore, it's really more about coaching and strategy.
- Yeah - And people learn how to do a listing presentation very, very quickly.
- Yeah - But in terms of putting it all together to become a highly efficient agent,
you know, that's a whole stack of different elements that make good people really, really successful.
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