Proptech Carpool – Is it a Good Time to Buy in Leichhardt? ft. Michael Tringali

July 22, 2019
Interested in Leichhardt? Michael Tringali from McGrath is back on the series to ease your worries and let you know if right now is a good time to buy in the area.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Michael Tringali from McGrath.
Thanks for joining the Carpool series with Soho. - Hey Trent, how you going?
- Pretty good. Great for you to be in the series. - Thanks for
having us and what a great day too
It is beautiful. Leichhart, just a great area to invest in.
It’s your kind of marketplace,
what's the big attraction to, I guess, Leichhart and the surrounding areas.
Leichhart, Haberfield, Italian food, Italian culture. Some great patisseries, cakes, pizzerias
Come on, everyone knows about that - Why would you not want to invest here?
You would’nt not want to not invest here. You’d be crazy not to, you’re 10 minutes
to the CBD, some beautiful,
as I said its a great lifestyle, got good schools, really good access into the CBD
City West link makes it really easy to pop in, light rails’
just come, through fantastic buses,
beautiful parks. - Yeah. - Just great spot - Let’s say I’m a buyer.
Post-election. I’ve been looking at your Marketplace.
What about the opportunities or advantages for me for buying at the moment?
Look at the moment, we've got some vendors who’ve actually come to grips with where the marketplace.
has gone up to or come down to, or so to speak.
So we've got a lot of vendors who’ve seen the reality of the marketplace
and they've now, sort of, said,”Yeah, look,
We're ready to go, we're ready to sell.'“ I think if you're a buyer right now,
you know your platform that you're going into, you've got three years worth of stable government,
we hope. You've got banks already talking about banking changes with regards to freeing
up liquidity, cash, obtaining loans, possibly even a rate cut,
who knows, if we're lucky with the RBA.
So I think if you're a buyer right now, if you've sold, and you’re cashed up
you should jump in. - So it's a good time to buy? - Fantastic time to buy.
Look, just look at the facts, best market, for a buyer, that we've had probably two to three years.
The competition hasn’t been going crazy at the auctions, so buyers aren't getting out competed
and having to pay miles miles over, so there has been a little bit of solidity around pricing on that,
you know, everything's looking fairly good if you're a buyer right now,
it's it's yeah, it's the best time to buy in 3 years
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