Proptech Carpool – How to land your Dream Job in Real Estate 2019 ft. Sharon Bennie

January 8, 2019

Want to know how to land your dream job in Real Estate in 2019? Real Estate recruitment specialist Sharon Bennie from Specialist Property Recruitment reveals hiring trends, standing out from the crowd and landing your dream job in 2019.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

2019 is fast approaching there's probably going to be you know a few
people wanting to move on into various roles what's your best advice for them now being end of 2018. for
candidates absolutely getting out start speaking to recruiters start deciding
what you want to be doing next year and start looking now we've got a full book
of jobs at the moment so we educate our clients I'm trying to look now in 2018
do your planning early so that you you know who's landing in that seat you can
prepare perhaps give them reading over the holidays or prep over the holidays
so this is a really busy time for us to try and get those those roles filled so
for candidates I'd say start looking now start preparing get your CV together
start getting the interview process under control
if anyone who's not our client I'd say definitely start planning and start
looking at those roles so that you're not in that pool of people that are all
looking in January yeah what we've seen so the trend is absolutely there are the
most resignations after holiday period especially New Year's Eve people go away
they have their New Year's resolutions they have the holidays with the kids
decide that they don't want to continue doing this for another year so it is a
really hot market come January February and of course everyone wants to start the year
fresh they want to know what they're doing so for employer that can
be quite an unstable time and they will be competing with everybody else in the
market yep so if I'm looking at changing for 2019 but i'm not, i'm very happy but
for everybody else how do they find jobs that is it on your website is it
recon jobs where's the best way to kind of find out
what's on offer definitely we've got all of our jobs on our site I would say
contact us because they're often things that aren't listed although we know are
coming up that we haven't advertised yet yeah so we're just
recon jobs is just and all the
major job portals
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