Proptech Carpool – Buying & Upgrading Opportunities ft. Zak Abdallaoui

July 16, 2019
Today’s episode of Soho Carpool features Zak Abdallaoui from McGrath who talks about the buying and upgrading opportunities he’s seeing in the market right now.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Let's say I'm a buyer.
I'm interested in the area.
What are some of the buying opportunities that you're seeing for buyers at the moment?
So like I guess, you know, like most of Sydney, the apartment market’s
certainly has been hit the most, just due to supply,
So getting your foot in the door, where we are now, Kyle Bay, Connells Point,
there's not too many apartments. So it's more ,sort of, houses.
But those entry level homes have definitely come back in value.
So you're probably looking, you know $1.3-$1.4mil, whereas that would have been probably $1.6mil a couple years ago.
So there’s certainly opportunity there. And again,
it's basically, anyone that's trading
up at the moment is really taking advantage of that change-over price.
- Yep. - Probably being as close together as it's ever been.
So, how is the upgrading market. Tell me a little bit more about it.
There's more guys wanting to upgrade now? Why?
Yeah, because again, you know, your change over cost.
What you're going to get for yours
and how much extra gotta borrow; that gap has never been
as close together as it is right now.
So that's generally most of the people that we're looking at, or that are coming through our opens
And then we're trying to help find places. They’re either looking to up-size to a bigger home
or, kind of, into a different, more aspirational area.
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