Proptech Carpool – The Belle Difference & Developing Talent ft. Peter Handscomb

June 19, 2019

CEO of Belle Property, Peter Handscomb explains what makes Belle different from the rest and what it’s like to be an agent for a big brand.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Belle Property, interesting brand
I guess one of the larger agencies,
but you guys take more of a boutique approach to real estate
How do you guys differ to, I guess, some of the other major brands?
I think we probably have fewer better people.
- Okay - And that's very much an important part of our business.
It's about having the best people to basically deal with our customers.
And if you have the best people and more than likely you're going to get the best results
Peter, let's say I'm a real estate agent, I'm looking to join Belle,
or maybe I might be looking to join some other agencies,
I guess, what are the advantages for me of becoming an agent of Belle?
Look, I think the way we look at developing people is a really critical part of our business
and the whole career path approach that we take to developing people and seeing people,
you know, start in a very junior role, to being an owner of a very large group of offices
And I think there are a lot of people trying to sell the
concept that just being an agent is the be-all
and end-all. For some people,
they're not meant to be business owners - Sure
But for a lot of people, we have a lot of entrepreneurial people
as sales people, and they have a natural desire to want to go to that next level.
So I think we really cater well to helping people grow
and helping people become the best that they can be.
So how do you do that? What kind of training do you provide?
What's the rollout plan? - We do a lot of different training programs.
But we do a lot of smaller group programs that have the same,
you know, experience level of people in the same classroom.
So we try to get like people together
and we try to do it in smaller groups because then that way there's more interactivity,
there's more connection with where people are at today and where they want to be tomorrow.
And it works better, it just plain out works better.
- Yeah - Sitting in a room and being spoken to by a speaker and 300 people in the room.
Honestly, not a lot of value really comes out of that.
- Yeah, sure - For that for the majority of people. - Yep.
I think it's more entertainment and inspiration.
- Yeah - Than it is actually true value.
Yeah, good point.
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