Soho Property Chat – Thoughts about Bidadari ft. Dulcie

May 1, 2019

Find out about upcoming developments in Bidadari now. Is it time to buy an investment property at Bidadari?

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

So if we look at Bartley, besides Bartley actually there is an
up and coming area a lot of hype around it a lot of interest in that area, it's Bidadari. Yes.
So what are your thoughts about Bidadari initially?
I would say that it brings me back to like Bishan, like last time Bishan was not even developed
and also people always think that it's like a cemetery area.
So same thing in Bartley,
as you know,
like Mount Vernon,
like people do have their thoughts about,
you know,
staying near the,
you know,
the columbarium so some people of course,
they don't really want it.
They mind, they do mind
but of course lately I have seen a lot of young couples because they apply for BTO.
Actually honestly a lot of them they applied for Bidadari and also Dakota area but a lot of them,
you know,
they don't mind paying a high price
for the BTO in Bidadari which of course that sets me to think
that I think maybe people are going more
for the location.
So I think the younger generation they are more towards of convenience, location.
So it doesn't matter whether it is used to be a cemetery, or used to be other parts of you know,
Singapore used to be used for any other things.
So I guess the young generation they don't mind as long as it's near MRT
or the location is very central, and it's very close to Paya Lebar.
So actually for the Mount Vernon,
you can actually drive down towards Paya Lebar
which is very convenient for work as well.
Actually it's a super convenient. Very convenient,
so when I go for viewings in other locations,
like it's like within 10 minutes. The whole stretch, Woodleigh, Bidadari, Potong Pasir. To Potong Pasir it's only 2 minutes
It's like 10-15 minutes, you can get there already.
It's also very convenient.
If you want to go to Bugis,
it's like very short, like was very fast.
so any upcoming launches in Bidadari? There are a few launch already 
So as you know, Park Colonial is doing very well.
And the Woodleigh Residences they are maybe going to release again.
So that will depend on the further announcement by the other agencies.
Woodleigh Residence is the one that is integrated
with the bus station.
And that is a very good interchange
system because Bartley we have the buses but we don't have a Bus interchange yet.
So if once the Woodleigh Residences comes out and then with the bus interchange connectivity,
I pretty much sure that you know Bidadari and the Bartley area,
you know,
definitely the prices would maybe at least double the price in the next 10 years.
I think we have seen like from past experience location really matters
when you look in property investment. If it's like an integrated
development, interchange. You look at Bishan,
look at Ang Mo Kio, look at Paya Lebar, all this places do very well.
they are.
I think a lot of it matters
because of the residents when they work, they always want convenience
and they want shelter, it is very local they want
They want MRT near their condo, then
you know shelter all the way from the side gate to the MRT, don't need to bring umbrella,
you know,
and then all the way to their workplace so so I guess it's very local mindset.
They always want something near to the MRT if they don't drive
and you know shelter all the way without having to inconvenience themself to bring umbrellas
and you know other things.

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