Monthly House Maintenance Checklist: Keep An Eye on the Little Things!

April 16, 2024
Monthly House Maintenance Checklist: Keep An Eye on the Little Things!

A home is your sanctuary, where you spend most of your time. Taking care of your house and making it aesthetic impacts your mental health significantly. However, most people only pay attention to decorating and neglect essential maintenance.

Your house requires monthly maintenance, and you need to take it seriously. If you have been putting off your house maintenance tasks, we are here to help you. Read further for a monthly house maintenance checklist to make the task easier!

Monthly House Maintenance Checklist to Keep Up With!

If you are a homeowner, paying attention to maintenance should be your priority. It keeps your house in good condition and alleviates your lifestyle. If you have been putting house maintenance on hold, you should prepare for a considerable expense. Be vigilant and use the following house maintenance list to save yourself from a bigger hassle:

Take Care of Garbage Disposal

Taking care of the garbage is the least you can do to maintain your house. If you don’t dispose of the garbage regularly, the house will smell nasty. Cleaning garbage bins once a month is essential to ensure the environment is clean and healthy.

You can scrub the garbage bins to get rid of the buildup and nasty smells. Put some ice cubes in the garbage bin to loosen up dirt and debris. Use nice-smelling soaps to wash off the bin, or throw in some orange peels. The citrus scent of orange helps make your kitchen smell fresh and clean.

Check Electric Cords and Test Alarms

Checking electric cords once a month is essential to ensure your house’s safety. Many homeowners don’t do much about electric wires and cables, which can cause short circuits. Damaged cords increase the fire risk; hence, replacing bad ones is essential.

On the other hand, charge your alarm batteries and check them bi-monthly if not monthly. Ensure the alarms are working well and the fire extinguisher has enough pressure. End of tenancy cleaning services are great for deep cleaning and alarm checkups.

Fix clogged Drains

Fixing clogged drains is essential to keeping bathrooms clean and hygienic. Sometimes, the water does not drain well and takes a hot minute to vanish. This is a sign that you need to fix your drain, and it’s getting clogged.

Remedies like baking soda and vinegar work well to unclog the drain. You can also pour boiling water down the drains to unclog them. It helps loosen the debris and unclog the drain. If the drain is not unclogging through natural remedies, you should call your local plumber.

Descale and Deep Clean Faucets

Our shower heads and faucets are the most neglected areas of the house. If the shower pressure does not always feel good, it means it is time to descale it. You can scrub off the faucet and shower head using a sponge and some dish soap. This helps remove the soft residue and dirt, which helps increase water pressure. 

On the other hand, baking soda is another excellent hack for cleaning and descaling shower heads and faucets. Add a teaspoon or two of baking soda to one cup of white vinegar.

Put the mixture in a ziplock bag and tie it around the faucet or showerhead. After 30 minutes, remove the bag and scrub off using a sponge. It makes removing hard residue much more accessible and makes everything as good as new.

Deep cleaning your cupboards, faucets and showerheads is important when your tenancy is ending. It is best to hire a professional service if you can’t handle the tedious task alone.

Expert Jess Farinha from London House Cleaners suggests that deep cleaning services are great for in-depth cleaning. Professional cleaning services use high-quality tools and amazing techniques to clean every nook and cranny of the house.

Inspect the Water Softener and Replace the HVAC Filters

Most houses these days have hard water, but water softeners are a lifesaver. Check your water softener every month to ensure it is working correctly. It helps prevent corrosion in your pipes and protects you from damage from hard water. 

HVAC systems improve air quality and make your house feel cozy. If you are moving into another house and can’t manage these inspections, invest in a cleaning service. 

Why is Monthly Maintenance of Your House Essential?

Monthly House Maintenance Checklist: Keep An Eye on the Little Things!

Do you think monthly house maintenance services are unnecessary? House maintenance is a hassle and a waste of money for some people. However, there are many benefits of house maintenance; here are some:

Uplifts Living Standard

Living in a house with popcorn ceilings or a clogged drain isn’t the best feeling. A well-maintained house not only looks good but also improves your living standard. Spending a small amount on house maintenance saves you from a more significant expense.

Avoids Secondary Damage and Saves Money

Spending a small amount every month on fixing small things saves you from a more significant expense. Avoiding primary damage makes you deal with secondary damage, which is much more expensive. Fixing small things along the way saves you from more significant expenses.

Makes Your House More Valuable

You will likely switch homes if you don’t live in the same house forever. Selling the house is much easier if your house is well-maintained and in a good shape. A well-maintained house is highly valuable and attracts more buyers.

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