Keeping Winter Problems Out Of Your Home

July 3, 2018
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You either love winter or you don’t; there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.

For most, it’s not the weather itself but rather the problems it brings into your home that cause the most dread during winter.

But there are some things you can do to help prevent or stop these problems occurring in your home this winter.


This may be obvious, but mould thrives in the environments we create in our homes throughout winter.

This includes the large gap in temperature between inside and outside, the lack of airflow from the house being shut up continuously and a build-up of moisture.

Controlling airflow and moisture in your home will be the two key elements to preventing mould from taking hold.

Be sure to use any exhaust fans that you have available such as those in the kitchen and bathroom to control moisture in these mould prone areas.

Dust and regularly clean them to get the best results in mould and moisture build-up prevention.

Try to open windows and doors in your home regularly. Although temperatures outside may make you resist this, a burst of fresh air into your home brings air flow and most importantly, helps prevent mould.


Draughts are an obvious source of discomfort in winter; they seem to have the uncanny ability to find you no matter which room you’re in.

The main culprits will of course be draughts from around windows and doors.  Door draughts are a relatively easy to fix issue.

You can easily get your hands-on weather stripping (foam self-adhesive tape of brush strips) which can be used around the seals of your doors and the bottom of the door if you so choose.

You also have the option to use the good old-fashioned door snake to keep those nasty drafts from coming in under your door.

Window draughts can be a bit trickier to manage since you first need to find them and then find a solution that works for your particular window to stop the cold air getting in.

Weather stripping will also work on windows in most cases but you’ll need to find the right thickness to keep the window opening and closing property.

Using thick window coverings is also an effective way to trap heat into your home and keep the cold out.

If your home has varnished floorboards, these may be the cause of some super chilly breezes coming up from under your home.

There are specialist products which can help with blocking gaps and even under-floor insulation which will help throughout both winter and summer in controlling the temperature in your home.

Introducing more rugs in the home, especially in the cooler months, is also an effective way of helping to keep cool air at bay.

High costs of heating

Heating your home in the winter months is often a necessary but costly exercise which can leave you with a large electricity bill just as the weather starts to turn warm.

The best way to prevent this high electricity bill is to prepare well in advance of winter. This is through things like ensuring your heater is serviced and working efficiently.

This is also important from a safely point of view, ensuring all vents are clean and clear and any filters have been cleaned. This can of course be done at any time throughout winter so its not too late if you haven’t already gotten a jump on this.

Having effective insulation throughout your home is also going to keep your heating costs lower. It’s worth getting in an expert to take a look and make recommendations for your home specifically which will give you the best idea of which areas will help the most with heating your home.

Remember that great insulation will assist with keeping your home at the right temperature all year round so it’s a cost-effective measure that will help for years to come.

Finally take a look at your electricity provider and what other providers may have on offer to be sure that you are receiving the best value option for your home.

Also remember to check for any rebates you may be eligible for from your state government.

Outdoor maintenance

Most of the time our focus is on the inside of our home in winter but there are a few outdoor areas to be on top of to ensure that larger issues don’t occur in your property.

To help prevent leaking roofs, check for blocked gutters and loose or missing roof panels.

Replacement and repair of these issues can help stop larger issues such as interior damp from occurring in your home.

Garden maintenance is not just an aesthetic fix in winter, but it can help prevent damage to property. High winds and cooler temperatures provide the perfect mix for falling branches in the winter months which can not only damage property but can also injure those living there.

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