Is Port Macquarie a Good Place to Raise a Family?

October 16, 2022
Family Friendly Suburb

Is Port Macquarie a good place to raise a family? This is one question on the minds of many young couples looking to move to the area. 

Finding the perfect suburb to settle down with your family can be difficult. This is because you’ll have to consider important factors like security, outdoor space, proximity to a park, schools, etc., among other things. 

Having a budget for your family home would also make the search a lot easier. Perhaps you are planning to raise a family in Port Macquarie and are wondering if it’s a good fit. Then you start the process of hunting down properties for sale in Port Macquarie to find your dream home.

So, before we take that step, let’s find out whether or not Port Macquarie is a good place to raise a family.

How To Choose A Family-Friendly Suburb

When you want to start a family, you don’t pick a suburb randomly to settle down in. Below are tips on how to choose a family-friendly suburb.

1. Go for a family-friendly property

While there are no hard and fast rules for the type of property ideal for raising a family, you must still look for a property that meets the basic requirements for a family home. 

Is there a space indoors or outdoors for the kids to play? Are the bedrooms enough? Is there enough space to entertain visitors?

The answers to these questions will narrow your options and make your decision easier.

2. Consider access to schools

One important thing you have to consider when choosing a suburb is whether there are good schools for your kids to attend. 

Your chosen suburb must be among the catchment areas of the school you would want your kids to attend. 

This is because most schools demand that you live in their catchment areas before you can enrol your children. 

Access to quality schools is vital, so suburb choice is important.

3. Availability of playgrounds and parks

Access to playgrounds and parks is vital for children’s development. Choosing a suburb with enough playgrounds and parks for your kids to play in is undoubtedly a good decision. 

You wouldn’t love the idea of having to travel a long distance just for your kids to be able to play at a park.

4. Quiet streets

Another thing to consider when looking for a family-friendly suburb to raise a family is the activities and nature of the area. 

Settling close to main roads and highways, a place with so much nightlife or a high crime rate, is not what many families want. 

Most families love to spend time outdoors in a serene and safe environment with less noise. 

It’s up to you to carefully research before choosing a suburb for your family.

5. Good Amenities

No one wouldn’t want quick and easy access to basic amenities. 

Good healthcare facilities, public transportation systems, supermarkets, and grocery stores, among others, are what you should look out for in your suburb of interest.

Another great feature of Port Macquarie is its interconnection with other cities. So, if you’re in the mood for something different, you can check out where to eat in Coffs Harbour, which is a city less than two hours away.

6. Recreation centres

Apart from the health benefits of participating in recreational activities, recreation centres are good destinations for bonding with the neighbourhood members. 

The common recreational facilities you should consider when choosing a family-friendly suburb include pools, gyms, sporting grounds, etc.

The Best Port Macquarie Suburbs for Families

Here are some of the best suburbs in Port Macquarie that are ideal for families. And one of the best parts? Port Macquarie is safe, so you don’t ned to worry too much about raising your kids in a secure environment here.

1. The Lighthouse Beach precinct

House for sale near Lighthouse Beach

If you are looking for a great suburb to settle down in and raise a family in Port Macquarie, then Lighthouse Beach is unarguably one of the best choices you can make. 

The reason for that isn’t farfetched. This suburban district is about a 10-minute drive from the Port Macquarie town centre. 

The area has numerous schools, parks and playgrounds, golf clubs, cafes, and restaurants. 

Also, the Pacific Plaza shopping centre is found here, alongside the historic Tacking Point Lighthouse, which the area is widely known for.

2. Sovereign Hills

If you are considering starting a family or looking for a place to retire and relax with your family, Sovereign Hills, a master-planned community, is your best bet. 

There are a series of great residential areas in this suburb that perfectly satisfy the needs of any family at any stage. This place is near the hospital.

3. Hastings

This suburb, which is close to the town and beaches, is popular with families. It has the Hastings public school and numerous other high schools. It also has a popular local shopping strip.

4. Stirling Green

Stirling Green is a suburb located approximately 10 minutes west of Port Macquarie. The beautiful thing about this place is that you can build your modern home. 

There are also parklands, a children’s playground, walkways and a cafe in this planned residential community. The suburb is close to the regional college and a childcare centre.

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