Is it Hard to Rent With a Cat in Melbourne?

January 5, 2023
Is it Hard to Rent With a Cat in Melbourne

Key takeaways:

  • It isn’t hard to rent with a cat in Melbourne but you do need to fill out a pest request form.
  • Not all landlords will agree to having a pet on the property and this needs to be in the tenancy agreement.
  • Hiding a cat or pet in the rented property can be seen as a breach of contract.

Melbourne is a pet-friendly city, and you should ensure your cat’s safety as a pet owner. Part of this involves complying with the necessary pet rules and laws. So is it hard to rent with a cat in Melbourne?

Although Australia may be well known as an animal-loving country with a high rate of pet ownership, pet owners usually find it challenging to get a pet-friendly rental property. 

While it is hard to rent with a cat in Melbourne, it’s not impossible. In many Australian states, pet laws are still under review. Some tenancy agreements do not mention keeping pets, while some specify that you must have a written agreement before cats or other pets are allowed into rental properties.

Find out your responsibilities as a cat owner looking for a rental property in Melbourne.

Applying for a pet request

Is it Hard to Rent With a Cat in Melbourne

If you’re a pet owner looking to rent a house in Melbourne, you’ll have to complete a pet request form. This official form ensures your rental provider is aware of your wanting to have a pet in the rental property. Follow these steps to apply for a request.

  • Fill out a pet request form. If you want to keep more than one cat, you’ll need to complete a different form for each cat.
  • Submit the form(s) to the rental provider.
  • Ensure you keep a copy for personal records.

Following the submission of this document, the rental provider has about 14 days to respond to the form. Rental providers cannot unreasonably refuse consent. If the response is positive, the property manager should provide written consent.

However, if the rental provider disagrees with the pet request, they should apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Also, they should inform the renter about the decision within 14 days. Meanwhile, if the rental provider doesn’t respond within 14 days, you can keep your cat. In cases of disabilities, no rental provider can discriminate against anyone with a guide or assistance dog.

What to do as responsible pet owners looking for a rental property

Create a pet resume to increase your chances of getting a rental property with your cat in Melbourne. This resume will include your cat’s details, including personal information like name, pet’s age, and physical appearance.

Also, the resume should include medical records like surgeries and vaccinations. You should also include written references from the cat instructor, veterinary doctor, previous landlords, etc.

Aside from this, the resume will include information about your cat and indicate you’re a responsible pet owner. In addition, adding training pictures, grooming information, traits, and activity level will help demonstrate your cat’s a good tenant.

Finally, note that rental laws do not permit providers to ask for a pet bond aside from the regular rental fees.

What happens when the cats damage rental properties

Is it Hard to Rent With a Cat in Melbourne

Keeping a pet comes with some responsibilities. As a cat owner, you must ensure your cat doesn’t damage rental properties. In case of property destruction by your cat, you should repair the damage. Ensure the property manager is aware of any significant decision regarding the property.

In cases where the renter doesn’t meet the expected duties, the landlord can issue a notice of breach of duty to such a tenant. This informs the renter to fix the pet-related damage or pay for damages.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) considers the following when deciding on damages caused by pets:

  • Fair wear and tear
  • The age and situation of the destroyed property.

Be familiar with local laws

Is it Hard to Rent With a Cat in Melbourne

While finding apartments to rent with your cat, you must be familiar with the local council laws regarding keeping pets. For example, in Melbourne, the local councils have the legal jurisdiction to make laws regarding pet ownership.

Therefore, as a cat owner, you should be aware of the local laws on pet keeping. Check with the local council for better information regarding pet ownership before you rent in advance in Victoria.

Endnote: is it hard to rent with a cat in Melbourne?

With the high rate of pet ownership in Australia rental agreements are put in place to cover renting with your pet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re renting versus buying in Melbourne with your cat. Ensure you check the local laws regarding pet ownership. 

If you already own rent and wish to get a cat, ensure you get your landlord’s consent beforehand. However, in some cases, adding pet clauses may be reasonable.

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